Low-Glycemic Microwave Brownie Mug Recipe

Single serving dessert recipes are all the rage right now. I keep seeing a microwave brownie mug recipe here and a cinnamon roll mug recipe there. Part of me thinks that these recipes are laziness personified, not to mention sad. They remind me of warm delights by Bettie Crocker, which I don’t know how to describe as anything other than a lonely, bad decision.

But, the other part of me is intrigued. I am only human. After all, we are talking about a warm, tasty treat that takes less than 5 minutes to make. The most appealing aspect to me is  that it is perfectly portioned to prevent overeating. If I am going to cheat a bit on a diet, then I want that decision to be confined to a single mug’s worth of decisions. I am starting to understand the appeal.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of dessert recipes do not fit my low-glycemic diet. Most microwave dessert recipes are no exception. They call for ingredients that have a high glycemic index and/or glycemic load. It is difficult to find a cookie or cake recipe that does not call for white sugar and bleached flour. After all, these are the basics for desserts. For me, hormonal issues, such as cystic acne, hirsutism, bloating as well as weight issues and brittle hair come with these ingredients. Because I treat my PCOS naturally using diet and supplements, my diagnosis is a diet restriction more than anything else.

No dessert is worth that hassle, especially in a time where most conventional ingredients have at least one alternative substitute. All of the microwave dessert recipes that I have seen have called for conventional dessert ingredients that I try to avoid. The most common issue with alternative ingredients is that they do not hold up as well as conventional ones when it comes to baking. Coconut flour does not bind or rise as well as bleached white flour. Fortunately, microwaves recipes such as the microwave brownie mug recipe are more forgiving. Not much rise is possible with microwave dessert recipes. And even when using conventional recipes, the end result is more dense than traditional cake and brownie recipes. So, this is an instance where alternative ingredients can be substituted easily without much change in consistency. If you are on the fence about alternative ingredients, then this microwave brownie mug recipe may help you decide. Even if it is only for a quick ‘TV dinner’ version of a dessert recipe.

microwave mug brownie recipe

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