Inspiring Pretty is the creation of two sisters and their sister-in-law. It was created to be a home for all things in which women find beauty. The website began in 2010 on Blogspot after each sister spent time writing about parenting and women's interests for other websites, and felt that it was time to create a website of our own. Today, Inspiring Pretty is principally operated by the youngest sister, Claire. We have grown since our days on Blogspot, but our purpose remains unchanged. Whether helping you plan your wedding, discover new recipe or find fellowship in faith, we hope that we help beautify your life as you get to know us.

About Claire Creator

Claire grew up near Chicago and in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Los Angeles before transplanting to the Washington D.C. area. Claire loves weddings, cooking, traveling and history, and writing about them. If you want to get her talking, ask her about wedding dress designers or traveling to ancient sites in the Mediterranean.