41 Questions You Should Ask During the Newlywed Game

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What type of newlywed game questions do you want to play? Get help from here!

Newlywed game questions is a channel that lets people into the couple’s relationship. This is not only for the guests observing but for the couple answering the questions. They get to know much more about each other, which is great for a new marriage.

The questions range from funny questions to every other newlywed game questions for couples. In this post, we will show you the best newlywed game questions split into categories. To make it more interesting, you can mix the categories up.


This is the very beginning of their relationship and where love began. You want to know all the interesting facts about it. The beautiful ups and heartbreaking downs. You also want to understand the depth of their love and what makes their relationship unique. Below are some newlywed game sample questions for the dating category. You can tweak to suit.

  • How did you and your beloved meet?
  • What was the perception you had of your partner on your first date, describe?
  • When did you come to realize that your partner was the one?
  • How did your first kiss from your partner make you feel?
  • Where was the place you had your first date and who chose?
  • Remind us of what your spouse wore on your first date?
  • Tell us when you had your worst date with your spouse and what happened?
  • If your spouse were to choose, what’s their ideal date idea?
  • Where was the last place you went on a date before your engagement?
  • Which of you kissed the other first?

Funny newlywed game questions

This is a category which exposes how much a couple knows of each other. The funny newlywed game questions talk about the traits and personality of each spouse. It talks about the things that make them who they are. Find some sample newlywed game questions below.

  • What is that one thing which you did around your spouse that still embarrasses you?
  • In one word, describe your spouse?
  • What’s your spouse’s superhero power?
  • Tell us that thing you wish your spouse would stop doing?
  • Mimic your spouse’s angry face?
  • Who stays in the bathroom longer, you or your spouse?
  • What part of your spouse’s body do they love the most?
  • In 5 seconds, tell us how many pairs of shoes your spouse owns?
  • Who is smarter and has a higher IQ between the two of you?
  • How does your spouse press out toothpaste, middle or bottom?

Love matters

In this category, the newlywed game questions for couples aim to see their bond. The guests want to know how into each other the couple is. It also in a way shows how far they are willing to go for each other on their love journey. Check out some questions below.

  • Tell us your pet name for your spouse.
  • If you get the news that your spouse stole, how would you react?
  • What is it about your spouse that is unforgettable?
  • How many times have you gone on dates since getting married?
  • Who proposed to whom between the two of you?
  • If you woke up to discover that your spouse has memory loss, what would you do?
  • Who gets the final say on decisions in the home?
  • Who is handier in the home?
  • Can you sacrifice a part of your liver for your spouse?
  • How romantic can your spouse be?
  • What is it that you cannot do for your spouse?

Newlywed game questions are fun and interesting for everyone. It creates a new wealth of knowledge for the couple and everyone present. Find above our newlywed game questions list to guide you.

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