How to Get Easy Beautiful Hair with Hot Tools

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Tools. All opinions are 100% mine.

There aren’t many “easy” hairstyles available for my hair. As someone with naturally frizzy and curly hair, there aren’t many things that I can do with my hair that don’t require multiple products or hot tools of one sort or another. Since frizzy, curly hair is generally more fragile than straight hair, the products and hot tools I use must aim to reduce damage as much as possible.

The combination of these factors usually means that I stick to my few “go-to” styles that don’t run a high risk of taking a lot of time, damaging my hair or falling apart during the day. I reserve the “prettier” hairstyles for special occasions that last less than six hours. Even though I don’t let them loose as often as I should, I love my curls. But with hair prone to frizz, at any point in time after my hair is done, the frizz can creep up and *poof* my hair needs to go up into a ponytail.

So, when I find something that helps my hair routine work better – whether that means making my hair look amazing with the same amount of effort or making a new hairstyle doable – I am all for it. I’m happy that I found out about Hot Tools – a salon brand of hair tools that’s recently become available on Amazon and Walmart.

Hot Tools Signature Series offer custom heat control to reduce hair damage, which makes them friendlier toward weaker hair than other tools. Each tool that I tested also had features designed to reduce hair frizz and leave hair with a long-lasting shiny look. For me personally, the Hot Tools Signature Series flat iron and curling iron offered the lowest heat setting that I have seen, which I really appreciated. Most hair tools that I have used have 310 degrees as their lowest heat setting, but these tools offered 280 degrees, which makes a big difference on the toll that my hair takes and makes them more usable on a daily basis.

With my temperature setting, the flat iron and curling iron heated up in less than 60 seconds. I love not having to wait! Even better, in my opinion, they each held the temperature steady while I used them, so there was no waiting for reheating. All of these things help make my morning routine easier on and my hair, and I can’t get enough of those things in my life.

When I use tools on my hair, my hair routine usually consists of first straightening my hair and then curling if needed. Because my hair is naturally frizzy, it’s usually an uphill battle to keep my hair both straight and flat throughout the process (and then the subsequent day).

Straightening out my curly, wavy frizz using the Hot Tools flat iron was fast and easy at my low-temperature setting. And, my frizz didn’t come back later in the day. It’s a good feeling when things work the way that they’re supposed to.

I decided to add some flowy, bouncy curls using the Hot Tools Signature Series curling iron. With the curls, the added shine was more pronounced and I loved the way that my hair looked. It took far less time for me to do my hair. And, thanks for the low heat setting, the tools took a lower toll on my hair than others that I’ve used in the past, making it possible for me to make this look more often in the future. Overall, I felt like I found a set of tools that are dependable on a day-to-day basis.

It’s difficult to feel beautiful when you’re not confident in what you’re doing. That’s why Hot Tools believes that #EveryoneDeservesBeautiful and makes hair products to help women accomplish that. That’s how I felt after using these tools, and I love discovering things that make that possible.

You can discover Hot Tools Signature Series products for yourself at Amazon, Walmart and Target.

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