90+ Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Our family has had six new babies join the family over the last 14 years, and we are expecting our seventh in August. In the newest generation of kids, we’ve added four boys, two girls, and we’re expecting a boy in August. This is the seventh time our family has welcomed a member of the newest generation and we were as excited for this pregnancy announcement as we were for the other others. Needless to say we can’t wait to welcome the newest member of the family into the world, but we were overjoyed just to learn that he (it’s a boy!) existed.

unique baby announcements

Baby announcements have become more popular and more of an event than they have ever been before. And why not? Being such a momentous occasion, it’s no wonder that parents want to creatively surprise their friends and family with the news of their family’s expansion. To help the other mothers and fathers-to-be come up with creative pregnancy announcements, I have compiled a list of clever ideas to make their pregnancy announcement in person or through the mail.

Let’s get started with pregnancy announcement signs. Signs are useful, because they make it possible to add more text and personality to your pregnancy announcement. And, they make it possible to remove yourselves from the photo altogether if that’s what you’re going for. They also make versatile and posable props that will stay put (unlike your older children). Depending on whether you’re going for a mood of funny, sweet, or themed, you can use a sign to make your pregnancy announcement come together. You can also use other elements, such as chalk to turn your environment into a giant canvas for your sign.

Signs and Chalk Pregnancy Announcement

baby on board baby nautical announcement

photo @ Pinterest

we prayed for baby announcement

photo @ My Baby Tips

our biggest adventure baby announcement

photo @ Inspired By This

there were 3 baby announcement

photo @ Lisa Silva

butterflies in stomach

photo @ jennamdicken

(Felt letter boards are far too underused in my opinion.)

bun baking baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

(If you have a cuite pie baking int he oven, you can buy this sign.)

photo @ Pinterest

bump road sign baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

(If you can’t find a sign on the street, you can buy your own.)

fishing greatest catch baby announcement

photo @ My Baby Tips

adding more love sign baby announcementphoto @ A Breezy Creation

shoes baby announcement

photo @ Novate

chalk belly baby announcement

photo @ the.mother.jones

Take Your Text to Other Surfaces

In addition to signs and chalk, you can add text on other surfaces such as baseball hats, blankets, mugs to make your pregnancy announcement photos more interesting. You can create your own messages or let existing text, such as book titles, do the talking for you.

1 samuel 1:27 baby announcementphoto @ Modern Burlap

(Another blanket with 1 Samuel 1:27 is available here.)

family birthdays baby announcement

photo @ Stay Glam

coffee mug bottle baby announcement

photo @ Stay Glam

sperm winner pregnancy announcement

photo @ Pinterest

sparkler baby announcementphoto @ Pinterest

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ The Pregnant Chicken

photo @ The Pregnant Chicken

nursery boxes baby announcement

photo @ datingdivas

family recipe baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

calendar birth date baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Pregnant Chicken

stork package baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Imgur

T-Shirt Swag

If you want more of your own voice in your photo as a mom or dad-to-be, consider using a t-shirt to make your announcement. T-shirts let you add some fun elements or details about yourself as you say goodbye to your old life and hello to your new permanent position as a mom or dad.

not a food baby t-shirt baby announcement

photo @ Etsy

sandlot movie baby announcementphoto @ Pinterest

mama bird baby announcement

photo @ Stay Glam

watermelon unique baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Pinterest

(Here’s a different version of the shirt.)hoping puppy baby announcement

photo @ Etsy

(Get your own shirt if you hope it’s a puppy or a dinosaur.)

oh my god becky look at this bump baby announcement

photo @ Awesome Best Friend Tees

guess what shirt baby announcement

photo @ Love Lulu Bell

preggers t-shirt baby

photo @ shophellofashion

(Get your own version here.)

miracles happen t-shirt baby announcement

photo @ Etsy

(Find your own miracle shirt).

tribe grow creative baby announcement

photo @ Etsy

Onesie Surprises

Using t-shirts to make pregnancy announcements is not limited to the parents. The new babies can get in on the action with the help of their parents using messages on onesies. What better way to welcome them to them to the family than to incorporate them into the pregnancy announcement?

guess what surprise baby announcement

photo @ Etsy

(Want a guess what or coming soon?)

hunting baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

(Here’s one with antlers, too.)

best oops ever baby announcement

photo @ 7ate9

onesie baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

(Here’s a similar onesie.)

Add some Production Flair

If signs are not your thing, or if you want to add even more flair, there are plenty of post-production options for you to choose from. You can create beautiful pregnancy announcement that’s greeting card-worthy or even movie poster-worthy using Photoshop or the work of a skilled designer.

baby announcement toy car

photo @ allifurtado

bullet baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

time to spill beans baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

what's one more movie poster baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

movie blockbuster baby announcement

photo @ Mabel and Moxie

coffee baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

pizza baby announcement

photo @ theresa.welch

just one more kid baby announcementphoto @ Jillian Farnsworth

baby in the carriage baby announcement

photo @ Three Bee’s Photography

photo @ Earth Porm

baking bun in oven baby announcement

photo @ Gray Notes

Say it Without Words

Simplicity fits some personalities more so than others. You can also skip putting your pregnancy announcement into words and let the photo speak for itself. A tiny pair of shoes, a sonogram or a car seat can let your friends and family piece together your announcement without any text.

car seat baby announcement

photo @ cassiethatsme

happy sonogram baby announcementphoto @ Alicia Lewin Photography

winter outfit baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

(Get a button-up plaid onesie here.) 

bike baby announcement

photo @ Still Being Molly

pregnant stick man sand baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Imgur

photo @ A O’Brien Photography

photo @ Earth Porm

Give Pets the Honors

If this is your first child and you have pets, then you can easily get them in on the excitement of the pregnancy announcement. Not only is your life going to change, the lives of your pets will never be the same, either. Capturing what a new baby means for your dog or cat can be a funny way to announce to your relatives that life is changing for everyone in your home.

dog baby announcement

photo @ Pop Sugar

sneakers paws pregnancy announcement

photo @ Huffington Post

guard dog duty baby announcement

photo @ My Baby Tips

photo @ Bark Post

dog sign baby announcement

photo @ Becoming His 31

dog book pregnancy announcement

photo @ Baggy Bulldogs

(You can find the book online here.)

dog v baby announcement

photo @ Bark Post

cat baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

Get Siblings in on the Action

If this isn’t your first baby, a new baby means big changes for the future big brother or sister. If may mean that your child is giving up the “only child” status or that someone gets promoted to big brother or sister. Showcasing the new relationships being built with the new addition to the family is a clever and adorable way to announce your pregnancy to future grandparents, aunts, uncles and more.

chalk balloons sibling baby announcement

photo @ Life with My Littles

big little siblings baby announcement

photo @ littlefacesapparel

siblings baby announcement

photo @ Parents

teach big sister baby announcementphoto @ Thistles and Twigs

upset sibling baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Bright Star Kids

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Buzzfeed

photo @ The Pregnant Chicken

(You can find your own book here.)

photo @ fashionabletwinning

photo @ Imgur

photo @ Bright Star Kids

(Here’s a version of the sign that you can buy.)

photo @ Pinterest

(Get your own sibling set here.)

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Imgur

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Repeat Crafter Me

photo @ 10 Little Toes

photo @ Infarrantly Creative

photo @ Pinterest

It’s Twins!

If you’re having twins, your surprise is doubled. Fortunately, there are easy ways convey your doubled joy in simple and surprising ways.

God laughed at our plans baby announcement

photo @ Pinterest

photo @ Bright Star Kids

photo @ Imgur

Did we miss any of your favorite creative pregnancy announcement ideas? Did you use a particularly clever one to announce your own pregnancy? Let us know below!

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