My Wedding Place Cards (and Photoshop Template)


As I plan my wedding, I meet many coordinators and vendors who offer to handle every single detail of my wedding. That works for some brides, but I want to put my own touches anywhere possible in my wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t dare to foray into wedding cake baking, but I’ll make my own vanilla extract wedding guest favors, floral arrangements, cocktail recipes, and paper goods. Today, I’m sharing the wedding guest place cards that I’ve designed – and the Photoshop template that you can download.

I made seven different place cards for our wedding to give each person at every table a unique name card. It not only makes guests appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into their unique card, it also helps them tell their card apart from the others at the table. Where letters may fail some, designs can help them differentiate. Plus, let’s be honest, they’re beautiful, and you can’t have too many unique, beautiful things at your wedding – especially when it comes to your guests.

On the back of wedding place cards, I added our initials and wedding date. I have a hope (that’s probably too naive) that some of our wedding guests will really become fond of them and take them home as a souvenir to remember the wedding. See how I’m managing expectations? Or, maybe like you, dear readers, a wedding guest will be interested in using the design for themselves. To make that sharing easy, I’ve made a Photosphop template of the guest place cards, so only a basic understanding of Photoshop (read: editing and moving text) is required.

What You’ll Need

The dimensions of the place cards are 3.25 x 2″ when folded. In the Photoshop files, there is a hidden rectangle layer for each place card template, which splits the card in half. It’s not meant to be printed, but just to serve as a guide when making edits to front or back of the place cards. So, just use it as a guide to make sure that everything is centered on the front and back of each wedding guest place card.

As you can see, there’s two separate templates and one combined template. The individual templates are 8.5 X 11 letter size templates to make printing easy. The consolidated template is much larger and does not fit a standard printer size.

Here are some of the (100+ wedding guest place cards) that I am printing for my wedding. The names that are here are for our immediate family members on both sids of the aisle.

Don’t they look beautiful for both men and women? My brothers may have to deal with the fact that that their wedding guest place cards come with a flowers. Okay, the one married with a wife and kids will be happy.

I hope that these place cards are useful for you wedding or other event. Are you using them? Let us know how you are using them below.

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