How I Professionally Edit My Photos Quickly with One App

Easy Photo Editing with PhotoLemur

It’s always great to find things that produce beautiful results with minimal effort. I take hundreds of photos when I travel and I used to spend hours editing each of them one by one before uploading. On my trip to Iceland, I spent quite a bit of time driving and still managed to take more than 1,000 photos in a week. I dwindled the editable photos down to around 500. On my trip around Mexico, I took more than 2,000 photos and I kept about 1,200 of these as editable. Even using Photoshop actions for quick automated edits, the process was slow and painful. The quick editing saved time, but it was inexact. Between these options, I would often just upload my photos without any editing. So, I was happy when I found PhotoLemur.

Photolemur uses artificial intelligence to study each photo and determine what adjustments each photo needs. It then automates the edits to each photo. But, you don’t lose control over your photo editing completely. You have control over the extent of edits or “boosts” that you want to make to each photo. If you want to trust the machine intelligence, you can accept all of edits with a single click.

How Does PhotoLemur Work?

PhotoLemur is a drag-and-drop app – just pull in your images and PhotoLemur goes to work. It automatically runs its smart analysis and offers suggested edits. You can run the app in the background of your computer while it imports and analyzes your photos. The feature that I love the most is the before and after comparison. I first ran a few of the photos from my Iceland trip through PhotoLemur for a test and I was stunned by the beautiful before and after comparison. With the exception of a few photos that I think turned out too grainy (which I then edited using the boost slider), the edits made by PhotoLemur were amazing and would have taken me hours to make to hundreds of photos. PhotoLemur edited added color, improved white balance, blurriness and much more. With this app, I edited 200 photos in 15 minutes. Once the edits are made, just hit export and you’re done.

However, it’s important to note that like Adobe photo-editing apps, PhotoLemur can use quite a bit of memory and slow down your computer’s operation. It also does take some time for PhotoLemur to analyze photos. I’ve had the best experience editing photos in PhotoLemur when uploading photos in batches of 100 at a time.

Overall, I have loved using PhotoLemur. It has upped my photo game and saved me a mountain of time. Now, I’m really looking forward to sharing more of my travel diaries with gorgeous photos.

You can get started with PhotoLemur with a free or paid plan. The free plan comes with a PhotoLemur watermark. A paid version is as cheap as $29 for a permanent single license or $49 for a permanent family license, which can be used on up to five devices.

PhotoLemur in Action

Now the proof of seeing PhotoLemur editing in action. The differences may be more stark for outdoor photos, but when playing with the slider in the app, you can see the tremendous differences between indoor photos, food photos, etc.

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