50+ DIY Jewelry Display Crafts

As my jewelry collection has expanded, my need for stylish and organized jewelry storage has also grown. Now I am in search of a practical jewelry organizer that displays all of the my options and gives easy access to the goods. I need to be able to pick out a pair of earrings quickly in the morning, and not just from the two pairs that are in the sights. Over the last year, I have tried a few store-bought wall and stand jewelry displays, but I have not fallen in love with any of them. As with most things, I am learning that homemade is usually the better option. When you do it yourself, you can customize it to fit your style, budget, space and storage needs. Plus, it is is just way more fun to choose your jewelry hanging from antlers, a cheese grater or bottle corks than from a generic plastic stand. If you are tired of untangling your necklaces in the jewelry box or if  you are outgrowing your current jewelry organizer, there are some beautiful DIY jewelry display options.

Wall-Mounted Jewelry Displays

Limited is a problem for many, including myself. If you don’t have dresser top space to spare, you can use a stylish wall-mounted DIY jewelry display. If you want more natural decor in your rom then you can try using natural elements such as antlers, driftwood or tree branches.

antler diy jewelry storage

photo @ Pinterest

drift wood jewelry display

photo @ Etsy

tree limb jewelry hanger

photo @ Pinterest

If you are looking for a cheap option or are interested in reusing what you already have, try repurposing old household items. A coat rack or ladder can both double as a DIY jewelry display. Drawers, shutters, windows, hanging shelves, toolkits, silverware trays, cooling racks, dreamcatchers and more can be turned into jewelry holders with some small modifications.

homemade coat rack jewelry hanger

photo @ Rags to Riches

coat rack jewelry organizer

photo @ Apartment Therapy

drawer jewelry storage

photo @ Pinterest

wall box shelf jewelry hanger

photo @ Aelida

wall shelf jewelry hanger

photo @ Etsy

repurposed toolbox jewelry display

photo @ Design Sponge

silverware tray jewelry organizer

photo @ Sadie Seasongoods

rake jewelry holder

photo @ Architecture Art Designs

repurposed clothes hanger jewelry hanger

photo @ 11 Magnolia Lane

cooling rack earring organizer

photo @ Wimp

diy cork board jewelry holder

photo @ Pinterest

diy pallet jewelry display

photo @ Bob Vila

yard stick jewelry display

photo @ The Ginger Penny Pincher

diy shutter jewelry display

photo @ Southern State of Mind

shutters jewelry display

photo @ Inspiring Pretty

window pane jewelry holder

photo @ Pinterest

diy ladder jewelry hanger

photo @ Designspiration

dream catcher jewelry display

photo @ Child at Heart

To choose individual spots for jewelry to hang on the wall, you can use old silverware or decorative wall hooks.

wall hook diy jewelry display

photo @ Girl in the Garage

flatware jewelry display

photo @ Pinterest

The uses for wine bottles corks are endless, including for DIY jewelry display crafts. You can create any design that fits your space and style.

bottle cork jewelry organizer

photo @ Oh Purple Panda

wine bottle cork diy jewelry display

photo @ DIY Enthusiasts

wine bottle cork wall jewelry organizer

photo @ Etsy

If you have more time or if you are interested making something that is entirely your own creation, you can weave some beautiful components together. A photo frame can be combined with lace, pegboard or chicken wire. Cork board can be covered with fabric or paint, and tacks or stud earrings can be used to hold the hanging jewelry. You can also use drawer handles to hang drop and dangle earrings. Old plywood or pieces of solid wood can be turned into jewelry hangers using nails or screw hooks.

photo frame lace jewelry storage

photo @ Decor 4 All

photo frame pegboard diy jewelry storage

photo @ Heather J’s Life

peg board diy jewelry wall hanger

photo @ The 36th Avenue

chicken wire jewelry hanger

photo @ Funky Junk

spool jewelry organizer

photo @ Pinterest

ruler jewelry display

photo @ The Homes I Have Made

pegboard jewelry wall displayphoto @ Hello Beauty Blog

drawer handles diy jewelry hanger

photo @ Pinterest

wooden block jewelry organizer

photo @ Pinterest

plywood wall jewelry holder

photo @ Etsy

One of the benefits of a wall-mounted DIY jewelry display is that it can be hidden. With some added effort a jewelry display can be stowed in a foldable case or cabinet. That case or cabinet can be decorated as art, too.

foldable diy jewelry organizer

photo @ Eyes of Style

suitcase jewelry organizer

photo @ Pinterest

jewelry hanger hidden behind wall painting

photo @ Aelida

cabinet diy jewelry display

photo @ DIY Craftsy

 Table Top Jewelry Displays

As for wall-mounted jewelry displays, you can reuse household items. Cigar boxes, lampshades, lamp stands, tabletop trees, cheese graters, candelabras, cooling racks and more can be turned into jewelry displays with minimal DIY effort.

lamp diy jewelry display

photo @ DIY Enthusiasts

repurposed old lamps paper towel holders jewelry hanger

photo @ Three Speckled Hens

diy tree jewelry display

photo @ Etsy

grater jewelry organizer

photo @ Curbly

ice cube tray jewelry storagephoto @ Buzzfeed

cigar box ring holder

photo @ Sadie Seasongoods

rolled book pages ring organizer

photo @ Boutique Window

silver platter jewelry tray

cooling rack ring organizer

photo @ Wimp

bottle bracelet display

photo @ Gurl

candlestick holder jewelry holder

photo @ Pinterest

You can also combine elements to create a jewelry display. A bedpost can be turned into a tabletop jewelry display with some added doorknobs. Burlap in a photo frame turns into an earring display. A wooden post and a wagon wheel or a wine bottle and a slab of wood can become necklace holders. Driftwood can be fit together into a jewelry stand. And, a candle holder and be fit with wooden dowel or old paper towel holder to make a stand.

burlap picture frame diy jewelry organizer

photo @ Pinterest

drift wood jewelry display

photo @ Alisa Burke

diy jewelry hanger

photo @ Life Ann Style

wine bottle jewelry hanger

photo @ Creative Income

wheel diy jewelry display

photo @ Cheryl Comfort

bed post jewelry display

photo @ BHG

A few options require a little bit more effort. For example, you can use en egg carton as a jewelry holder or, for a more permanent holder, you can make a mold using clay. You can also make drawer jewelry holders using plastic bins or cardboard bins with fabric.

egg carton diy jewelry organizer

photo @ Fall for DIY

cardboard drawer divider jewelry organizer

photo @ Youtube

You can also create tiered jewelry displays using terra cotta plant pots and plant saucers. You can also create the same thing using plates, stemware and cups. Or, you can use teacups, saucers and stemware.

terra cotta pot diy jewelry display

photo @ Artsy Fartsy Mama

diy tiered cups and plates jewelry organizer

photo @ Curbly

stacked dishes jewelry organizer

photo @ Pinterest

For the truly crafty, you can make some truly unique DIY jewelry display stands using wooden planks and/or metal rods. If you have this level of time, skills and material, then your imagination is the limit.

bust diy jewelry organizer

photo @ Design Sponge

metal diy jewelry holder

photo @ Pinterest



stainless steel pipe jewelry display stand

photo @ Etsy

Good luck choosing a jewelry display option that meets your style, space and storage needs. There are many ways to make beautiful DIY jewelry holders with different levels of craftiness, time and material. Good luck in your jewelry display hunt and enjoy making a piece of art to hold your jewelry. Click here for jewelry options.

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