Reusable DIY Tea Storage Idea

I am somewhat of a tea fanatic. It helps me avoid quaffing sugary beverages while sitting at a desk for eight hours like most office dwellers. My choice in teas also helps me treat my PCOS (more to come on that later). I drink at least four cups of various teas everyday, and there are some days where I drink more tea than plain water. I routinely begin the day with green tea and switch to spearmint tea among other teas in the afternoon. The low and steady dose of caffeine in green tea provides continuous energy sans energy drop off, while tisanes provide an array of flavor options to keep my taste buds sated.

As I progressed in my tea drinking, I made the customary leap from bagged to loose leaf teas. Buying loose leaf teas means buying higher quality teas, that have shorter shelf lives, in bulk. If you do not store it properly, then you are going to make an expensive and stale mistake. In order to preserve its shelf life, tea should be stored in an airtight container and away from light as much as possible. Most tea shops bag loose teas in paper or plastic bags. If the store is courteous or well-versed in tea, they may provide a vacuum-sealed bag of tea. If you want to stretch out the use of your tea as long as possible, you will need to move it from the shop’s container into your own.
diy tea storage

This collection is only a sample of teas that I had been drinking the past few weeks. I have a whole box on top of this.

For me personally, my collection of teas was growing handily, but they were all still sitting in plastic bags slowly but surely taking over what meager space I had on my already cramped desk. For the sake of sanity and getting my money’s worth, I spent an hour one Saturday morning creating reusable DIY tea storage jars.

diy tea storage

Reusable DIY Tea Storage Tutorial

To do this, you will need a few lidded jars, chalk spray paint (or chalk paint, chalk and some expendable newspaper or magazines. I personally used four-ounce mason jars, because they easily stack in small spaces.

diy tea storage

First, lay the lids of the jars on the newspaper or magazine. Coat them well with the chalk spray paint and leave them to dry for at least 30 minutes. You may need to apply two coats depending the strength of the chalk paint.

diy tea storage

diy tea storage

Once the lids have dried, make sure that you can screw them onto the jars and write on them using chalk. If the paint chips, add another coat and let it dry for at least one hour. If you do not run into issues, then wipe down the underside of the lids and dry them before placing tea in the jar. Once dry, fill your jars with tea and label accordingly.

diy tea storage

My small desk is less crowded and my tea is properly stored now. A small change makes a big difference when you are short on space. I love being able to stack 20 tea choices on my desk with no added clutter. The chalk name tags also makes the jars easy to reuse when I buy new teas.

If you try this DIY tea storage idea, let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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