Wedding Trends: Short Sleeved Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress is very important to a woman. It is perhaps the most significant piece of clothing that she will ever own. This is why brides spends countless hours and even more money on the wedding dress that is “the one”. Every bride wants her choice to be unique and timeless, so that she can love her wedding day dress in 20 years as much as she does today. As strapless and halter tops became popular in the mid and late twentieth century, sleeved wedding dresses fell to the wayside as “prude” and “old fashioned” choices. Now they are making comeback, as we have already discussed long sleeved wedding dresses. Today, we will cover the other half of the sleeved category by discussing short sleeved wedding dresses.

As mentioned in our previous post, sleeved wedding dress come in all lengths, cuts and designs. For the sake of simplicity, I am breaking them up into the categories of long sleeved and short sleeved wedding dresses.

Sleeved wedding dresses are unique unto themselves because they offer things that other wedding dresses do not.

  1. They offer a larger canvas for more design options than their counterparts.
  2. They offer many neckline options.
  3. They can offer either modesty or a unique way for the bride to show skin.
  4. Their wide range of the options mentioned above make it possible to suit any style and personality.

Another benefit specific to short sleeved wedding dresses is that they can be worn comfortably in any season. There are so many styles and variations of styles available for short sleeved wedding dresses. Let’s begin with basics.

Plain and Simple

Although it may sound plain and boring, simple, undecorated, solid, white short sleeved wedding dresses are far from it. Their beauty comes from the simplicity of their design and their uniqueness comes solely from the cut of the dress. Whether fluted sleeves, capped sleeves or otherwise, simple, undecorated short sleeved wedding dresses stand out against the noise of decoration.

bhldn short sleeved wedding dress

short sleeved wedding dresses

short capped sleeve wedding dress

sarah seven sleeved wedding dressphoto @ Stylecaster

Layered Sleeves

If you would like to have a simple look with a bit of detail, then consider adding a bit of design near the top of the dress. People are drawn to look at a person’s face first and foremost. Therefore, details around the neckline and shoulders will most likely garner most attention. For a nuanced design, add some detail to the sleeves, shoulders or neckline of short sleeved wedding dresses.

Firstly, determine which element or elements you would like to stand out. Maybe you would like to make the sleeves of a short sleeved wedding dress stand out above all other elements. You can achieve this by giving your sleeves a unique detail that differs from the rest of the wedding dress. This could be as simple as using sheer sleeves on a solid dress. You can add eye-catching detail by adding layering to your sleeves.

unique sleeved wedding dress

amsale wedding dress with capped sleeves

photo @ Stylecaster

vintage sleeved wedding dress

photo @ French Wedding Style

jenny packham long sleeved wedding dress

Decorated Sleeves

Or, you could make the sleeves of the wedding dress striking by adding an elaborate design, beading, ruffles  or more. There are a wide array of options to suit every bride’s style and wedding motif.

sleeved wedding dress

reem acra short sleeved wedding dress

dress theory short sleeved wedding dress

rue de seine beaded capped sleeve wedding dress

photo @ Style Me Pretty

Shoulder and Neckline Decoration

You can extend beyond sleeve decoration and make the shoulder and/or neckline striking. One of the best characteristics of the sleeved wedding dress is that it offers many neckline options. Take advantage of this element and use it to draw attention to your unique choice of a wedding dress.

jenny packham sleeved wedding dress

short sleeves marchesa wedding dressphoto @ Style Me Pretty

asos sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Style Me Pretty

gold jeweled sleeved wedding dress

melissa blackburn capped sleeve wedding dressphoto @ Melissa Blackburn

Illusion Neckline

One favorite neckline for long and short sleeved wedding dresses for brides today is the illusion neckline. It offers the bride the ability to use different materials and designs to contrast the neckline with the rest of wedding dress.

sleeved wedding dressphoto @ French Wedding Style

short sleeved lace wedding dressrb_hayley_paige spring 2013 sleeved wedding dresslace sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Brides

etsy long sleeve wedding dress

photo @ One Wed

amsale sheer sleeved wedding dress

claire_pettibone spring 2013 sleeved wedding dress bohemian

Sarah Janks Brigitte Gown capped sleeves wedding dress

bhldn sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Style Me Pretty

rue de seine poppy wedding dressphoto @ Luella’s

vicky rowe cleo wedding dress with capped sleeves

photo @ Vicky Rowe

Fluted Sleeves

Another bridal favorite when it comes to short sleeved wedding dresses is the use of fluted sleeves. They add definitive detail to dress emphasize the sleeve choice in a beautiful way. Fluted sleeves loosely hang off the shoulder in a lovely way that can be used by bohemian brides, brides seeking a vintage or 1920’s look or those who simply want a different look.

classic lace sleeved wedding dressivy and aster sleeved wedding dress

carol hannah bell sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Style Me Pretty

lace short sleeved wedding dress

ivy and ster fluted sleeved wedding dress

Off the Shoulder

Sleeved wedding dresses, particularly short sleeved wedding dresses give the bride many option to add detail to her dress using sleeves. One classic option is off the shoulder sleeves. Whether big or small, simple or intricate, off the shoulder sleeves accentuate the bride’s neckline in a way that other wedding dress styles simply cannot do.

ariadress sleeved wedding dresslimor rosen diana wedding dress

photo @ Limor Rosen

Tatyana Merenyuk Natalie wedding dress

photo @ Etsy

grace loves lace sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Sortrashion

Accentuation of the Back

A sleeved wedding is usually associated with modesty. However, it can be used to draw attention to where skin is shown. The easiest way to emphasize skin with a sleeved wedding dress is by leaving your back bare using sheer material. A sheer design on the back of the bride allows for unique designs to be used or for the overall design of the dress to be accentuated.

annasuly short sleeved wedding dress

beaded short sleeve wedding dress

high neck lace sleeved wedding dress

Monique Lhuillier short sleeved wedding dress

karen willis holmes capped sleeves wedding dress

photo @ Style Me Pretty

etsy long sleeve bohemian wedding dress

photo @ Etsy

samuelle couture sleeved wedding dresscharlie breer low back wedding dress

photo @ Love My Dress

short sleeved wedding dresses

photo @ Sortrashion

Bodice Emphasis

On option is to embellish the upper half of the wedding dress, which includes the sleeves. Other wedding dress styles are confined to the bodice only when adding dramatic flair to the upper half of the wedding dress. The sleeves can serve as an extension of the decoration adding more detail and beauty to the dress.

uplinger poppy wild orchid vintage lace sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Etsy

intricate sleeved wedding dressMonique Lhuillier beaded sleeved wedding dressphoto @ Style Me Pretty

sarah seven beaded short sleeve wedding dress

flora birdal sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Belle the Magazine

long sleeved tulle wedding dressphoto @ Avail & Co.

reem acra capped sleeves wedding dressphoto @ Style Me Pretty

Decorated Canvas

A sleeved wedding dress offers an extension of the canvas of the wedding dress. You may use it at such as decorate it ornately as you have decorated the other components of the wedding dress creating a complete vision from head to toe.

wedding-dress-anna-campbell-gossamer-2013-bridal-collection jewel sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Belle the Magazine

short sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Alta Moda

beaded short sleeved wedding dressjenny packham beaded sleeved wedding dressinbal dror capped sleeve wedding dress with beadingphoto @ Style Me Pretty

gwendolynne hope wedding dress

photo @ Style Me Pretty

Vicky Rowe Evelyn Wedding Dressphoto @ Style Me Pretty

anna campbell shabby chic capped sleeve wedding dress

photo @ Belle the Magazine

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