Wedding Photo Musts: Wedding Day Love Notes

love note to the bride

One new trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the exchange of love notes between the bride and the groom before the ceremony on their wedding day. The new tradition of wedding day love notes is such a sweet gesture that allows a heartfelt moment between the bride and the groom possible without seeing each other on the wedding day prior to meeting at the altar. Wedding day love notes cleverly create a way for the happy couple to observe the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding while still giving each other a piece of themselves in order to help calm their nerves and to spend a moment together, even though they are apart. Wedding day love notes may be considered a private prelude to the wedding vows shortly to follow.

The bride and groom will want to remember the jitters, excitement, love and last minutes before taking the plunge of marriage that come with the exchanging of wedding day love notes. The promises and professions and most importantly, the reactions of wedding day love notes are not to be forgotten. Make certain to have your photographer on hand when the bride and groom each read their love notes.

Obviously, this can be done in many ways. The couple can exchange their love notes and read them together. For instance, they can stand on opposite sides of a door or door opening and hand each other the letters and read them their next to each other – all while still observing tradition. Or, they can have members of their wedding party (the best man and maid of honor) or a special family member (parents or grandparents) deliver them to their spouse-to-be.

However it is done, have the photographer handy to capture all of the raw emotions on camera. This way, the couple can go through and choose which to keep for themselves, which to frame and which to share with their friends and family. They will have their raw moments of joy and anxiety that came from those wedding day love letters for the rest of their lives, and those special moments are the very reason why wedding photos exist.


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