Halloween Entertaining with Home Run Inn Pizza

My family is full of picky eaters when it comes to pizza. It is not that we do not love pizza, but rather that we come from Chicago, so we are accustomed to eating some of the best and heartiest pizza on the planet. Ever since we left the Midwest, it has been a struggle to find anything that compares to the pizza we used to eat on a weekly basis back home. Although deep dish is what Chicago is known for, my family grew up near one of the best Sicilian thin crust pizza places, so we ate thin crust regularly. So, we were happy to be offered a sponsored opportunity to try Chicago-based Home Run Inn Pizza.


We were interested in Home Run Inn Pizza for a few good reasons: 1) It is Chicago’s number one selling frozen pizza. 2) Home Run Inn has been family owned and operated since 1947 3) The pizza is all natural and is completely free of preservatives. 3.) The pizza is free of nitrates and nitrites. 4) The mozzarella cheese used is never made with fillers or dry powder milk.


These things make Home Run Inn Pizza as authentic as frozen pizza can possible be. We had a pizza party where the seasoned adults who hail from Chicago could taste the pizza alongside the kids who have never had authentic Chicago pizza. It coincided with our family beginning our Halloween decorating, so it turned into a Halloween pizza party.


The tomatoes were fresh and tasty and the family-recipe sausage was the best I had ever found on a frozen pizza. The adults approved and the boys loved their first taste. We all had fun and got into the spirit of dressing up and entertaining. The boys are looking forward to Halloween parties now full of treats of good eats, like Home Run Inn Pizza.


The pizza filled the boys up so well that they each ate one to two pieces. Of other brands, they have to eat two to four in order to feel full. That heartiness is one thing that I love about Chicago pizza and it is one major reason to choose it for kids’ Halloween parties.


For the next pizza at a Halloween party, I think we may use a plain cheese pizza and add a few olives and mushrooms to sculpt our own monster face for the kids to scarf down.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Home Run Inn Pizza.

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