Wedding Trends: The Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

alexandra king beaded love sleeve on wedding dress

photo @ Rock N Roll Bride

It’s has been quiet some time since we talked about wedding dresses. The last time we did address the subject was when we discussed winter wedding dresses (and backless wedding dresses came before that). It is time to come back to that wonderful subject. Lately, sleeved wedding dresses have been catching my fancy. And, seeing that the cold seasonal months of autumn and winter are around the corner, now is a perfect time to discuss options for sleeved wedding dresses.

Sleeves were common in preceding centuries, but they became less prominent as new styles were introduced as showing more skin became popular. Straps, strapless and halter options were the new and exciting fashion additions in the mid and late twentieth century. However, many contemporary brides are now looking back to sleeved wedding dresses as a way of making their wedding dress choice an uncommon or one in today’s fashion.

I love sleeved wedding dresses, because they offer many elements that their counterparts do not. 1.) They offer more canvas for more detail and embellishment. 2.) They offer more neckline options. 3.) They can offer modesty or a creative way to show skin. 4.) They can fit any style and personality.

Sleeved wedding dresses come in many lengths, but for the purpose of simplicity, we will call them short sleeved and long sleeved. Today we will discuss long sleeved wedding dresses. There are so many options that is is difficult to know where to begin. So, we will start with the basics.

One simple and timeless long sleeved wedding dress option is the employment of plain sleeves.

rosa clara long sleeved wedding dress

photo @ The Wedding Chicks

sophia arribas long sleeved two piece wedding dress

photo @ Confesiones de Una Boda

puffy sleeves wedding dress

photo @ The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

Solid sleeves with patterns other than florals are uncommon and therefore quite interesting when used.

long sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Stephanie Sunderland

elise hameau sleeved wedding dress louise

photo @ Bridal Musings

Jesus Peiro 2014 wedding dress

photo @ Weddings Online

dennis-basso-spring 2015 sleeved wedding dress

You can also use the perennial option of floral patterns, especially on solid sleeves.

Elisabetta Marzetti rose weding dress

photo @ Love My Dress

alta moda modest long sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Alta Moda

rosa clara caceres long sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Dress for the Wedding

long sleeved weding dress with sash

monique lhullier wedding dress

photo @ Colin Cowie Weddings

More popular right now is the use of tight, sheer floral sleeves as a complement to the corset of the long sleeved wedding dress. They can also be used to create beautiful necklines as well.

lace sleeves wedding dress cherie gown flora and lane etsy

photo @ Flora and Lane

sheer sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Chaviano Couture

carolina-herrera-spring 2015 sleeved wedding dress

long sleeved lace wedding dress

photo @ CD Weddings

zuhair murad wedding dress rosa clara

lace sleeves winter wedding dress

photo @ Loverly

monique_lhuillier fall 2013 sleeved wedding dress

monique-lhuillier-spring 2015 sleeved wedding dresss

bloomingdales lace long sleeved wedding dress

lace bell sleeved wedding dress

sarah janks sleeved wedding dress

sleeved lace wedding dress

sleeved wedding dress

Monique Lhuillier Jolie wedding dress

photo @ Weddings Online

yaki ravid long sleeved wedding dress

Of course, sheer sleeves are not always floral. They can come in other natural patterns, geometric patterns and more.

Elisabetta Marzetti sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Love My Dress

berta bridal sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Wedding Inspirasi

decorative sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Wedding Chicks

Marisol Aparicio Leilani boho wedding dress etsy

photo @ Marisol Aparicio

Let’s not forget dots – specifically Swiss dots.

lorafold sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Lora Folk

natural wedding company polka dot sleeve wedding dress

photo @ The Natural Wedding Company

Sheer sleeves can also be more plain in concert or in contrast to the rest of the wedding dress.

honor nyc long sleeve wedding gown

Luisa Beccaria lace long sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Style Serendipity

temperley bridal long sleeved wedding dress vintage

photo @ Weddings Online

sheer long sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Want That Wedding

You can also use sleeves to accentuate the design of your long sleeved wedding dress without overpowering it with small, but noticeable details.

chaviano wedding dress

photo @ Chaviano Couture

pronovias sleeved wedding dress daifa

claire pettibone lace long sleeve wedding dress

photo @ One Wed

alfred_angelo spring 2013 sleeved wedding dress

long sleeve berta wedding dress

photo @ Sortrashion

Sleeves can add to a dress in ways other than patterns, though. They can add a dimension just through the cut of the sleeve. For instance, the puffy sleeve can add grace and dimension to your dress, especially when done in contrast to a well-fitted long sleeved wedding dress.

puffy sleeved wedding dress

paolo sebastian puffy sleeve wedding dress

photo @ Stlye Serendipity

Or, you can add accentuate your sleeved wedding dress simply using color. Add a top layer of tulle of color or bright beading make your wedding dress design original.

intricate beaded long sleeve wedding dressmarchesa notte sheer lace sleeved wedding dressJarmila Husárová Sleeved Wedding Dressphoto @ Style Me Pretty

You can add accentuating colors to your sleeves in congruence or in juxtaposition to your wedding dress using sequins, glitter and other shiny materials.

Krikor Jabotian long sleeved sequence wedding dress

photo @ Style Me Pretty

ersa atelier long sleeved wedding dress

elie saab long sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Weddings Online

paolo sebastian 2014 sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Be Modish

You can always use sleeves as an extension of the canvas of the wedding dress and spread intricate, ornate designs to the sleeves as well.

basix black label elaborate long sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Green Wedding Shoes

paolo sebastian haute couture sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Style Me Pretty

limor rosen surma wedding dress

photo @ Limor Rosen

berta bridal intricate jeweled sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Wedding Inspirasi

Many women avoided sleeved wedding dresses due to the fact that they wanted to show off skin. However, this is still possible with sleeved wedding dresses. You can mix modesty with modern style in a tasteful way (or a not so tasteful) by using a sleeved wedding dress. There are innumerate wedding dress available that mash styles and reinvent the conventional in stunning ways.

sleeved wedding dress backless wedding dress

photo @ Bride to Be

lace sleeve wedding dress

lace sleeved wedding dress

photo @ The Wedding Scoop

zuhair murad sleeved wedding dresses

lace sleeved wedding dresslong sleeved lace wedding dress

Elaya Vaughn golden leaf sleeved wedding dress

photo @ Style Me Pretty

Lastly, one style that has worked well with sleeved wedding dresses and does not require reinvention is the Bohemian style.  The Bohemian style uses draping bell sleeves to accentuate the loose flow of the dress. If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

etsy long bell sleeve bohemian wedding dressphoto @ Dreamers and Lovers

carol hannah long sleeved bohemian wedding dressfree people sleeved wedding dress

bhldn long sleeved lace wedding dress

photo @ Green Wedding Shoes

joan shum spanish wedding dress with sleeves etsy

photo @Joan Shum

For more wedding dress inspiration, check out our posts on backless wedding dresses and winter wedding dresses.


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