Awkward Photos for Mother’s Day

It has been far too long since I posted a collection of awkward photos. We have loving posts for Mother’s Day, but motherhood is not always full of good times. There are moments that are exhausting, frightening and awkward that will only be funny in retrospect. After all, nobody is perfect and there are bound to be far more awkward moments than picture perfect moments. Fortunately, some of these moments have been captured on camera. Enjoy them with your mother and tell her thank you for taking care of you through the good moments and the awkward moments (although some of those may have been her fault). Happy Mother’s Day!

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You can blame the fashion trends, having a bad day or just the innate awkwardness that comes with growing up. Regardless of what is to blame, these photos are worth more than a thousand words and are fare more enjoyable than picture perfect moments. I hope you enjoyed these awkward photos for Mother’s Day as much as we did!


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