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Have you heard about the new and improved website, It is truly a unique website that can help you send out announcements for all of the events in your life, including weddings. For the bride and groom planning their wedding, Basic Invites offers matching sets of announcements from the save the dates to the thank you cards. Basically, any component that is printed on paper, Basic Invites can make as apart of a matching set. The wedding invitations? No problem. The wedding program? Easy peasy. The dinner menu at the wedding reception? Done!

Basic Invite 1

This removes the stress of designing each printed paper element of he wedding off of the shoulders of the couple and allows them to focus on other areas. It also allows the bride and groom the ability to have a central theme conveyed to their wedding guests throughout the entire process of their wedding from beginning to end. This helps make your wedding theme and therefore your wedding more memorable for your guests.

Basic Invite 15

Design is not sacrificed at all in the process, either. There are many beautiful designs and formats to choose from for each announcement. And, each element of the announcement comes in over 150 colors to choose from. All a bride and groom must do is design their first announcement once and then carry over that design for each succeeding announcement and printed paper element of their wedding.

Basic Invite 6

If you are planning a wedding {or if you are simply browsing in anticipation of the future}, head over to and have some fun planning the design of the coordinated announcements of your weddings.


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