Brand Name Candy Bar Recipes

I admit that as an adult, the sweets that I love and crave have not changed, but I have steadily become more adept taste-wise to the chemical junk that is in many name brand sweets that I love. This is why my sister, Bonnie, now makes her own peanut butter eggs, “Cadbury” eggs and more at home each Easter. Her sweets are all-natural and taste is not sacrificed in the slightest bit. In fact, the taste is better, because you lose that latent chemical taste, which I have only picked up on as an adult. I have learned through these brand name candy bar recipes that you do not have to sacrifice taste in any of the sweets you love. If it can be made in a factory, it can be made in a kitchen (just better). So, if you want some classic Hostess or Hershey sweets minus the junk, try some of these recipes from around the web.

Twix Bars

diy twix candy barsThere are several recipes for homemade Twix bars floating around the web such as this and this. Just choose your favorite and change it up to your liking. These shortbread cookies laden with caramel and covered in chocolate are irresistible, so bake wisely.


Butterfinger Bars

homemade butterfinger bars

You can make a batch of Butterfingers with three simple ingredients using this recipe or you can go a bit more high brow for a more nuanced flavor using a recipe such as this. It is up to you. For more Butterfinger variations, such as Crunchy Butterfingers and vegan, gluten-free Butterfinger candy bars, check out this collection.


Kit Kat Bars

homemade kit kat bars

There are several homemade Kit Kat recipes that just tell you to cover wafer cookies in chocolate….but those are just wafer cookies covered in chocolate – not Kit Kats! Kit Kat bars have filling – and not wafer cream filling. They may be delicious, but do not lie and call them Kit Kats. That is why you must try a homemade Kit Kat recipe that does it well, such as this one. You can use crackers or wafers – the texture is up to you, but filling is just right. For a vegan peanut butter version, try this recipe.


Snickers Bars

diy snickers candy bars

When I was kid, Snickers were my favorite candy bar. The firm nougat topped with chewy caramel and mixed with salty peanuts was the perfect chocolate bar. The fun has been brought back in adulthood with homemade recipes. I personally love this one, but you can also make Snickers squares with recipes such as this and this.


Almond Joy Bars

homemade almond joy candy bars

Coconut and almond are usually staples in the diets of healthy adults and they also make for great candy. Fortunately, they can easily be turned into all-natural treats. Follow this recipe for a simple and delicious natural take on Almond Joy candy bars.


Peppermint Patties

diy peppermint patties

My boyfriend is a Peppermint Patty fiend. I have yet to make a homemade version of them, but when I do, I will be using this recipe.


Milky Way Bars

diy milky way candy bars

These homemade Milky Way candy bars do not look much different from the store brand, but the taste is much better and you have heard of all of the ingredients.


3 Musketeers Bars

diy 3 musketeers candy bar

It is easy to make a chocolatey whipped nougat that mimics a 3 Musketeers bar at home. Try this simple 3 ingredient recipe to get your nougat fix.


Mounds Bars

diy mounds candy bars

If you want some coconut without the nuts, forget the Almond Joy recipe and try this homemade Mounds candy bar recipe.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

diy reeses peanut butter cups

I love Reese’s more than any other candy bar, but as an adult, I find that they are too sweet and leave a chemical aftertaste. Fortunately, there are many homemade recipes that vary in complexity and ingredients. For a crunchy version, try this recipe. For a natural version full of healthy seeds, try this one. My personal favorite recipe is this one, because it calls for dates. Peanut butter and dates go surprisingly well together!


Tootsie Rolls

diy tootsie rolls

Tootsie Rolls are far easier to make than I thought. If you want something simple, try this four-ingredient recipe. For recipes that require a few more ingredients and have a bit more complex flavors, try this or this.

The best part about making your own candy is that you can play with the candy. You can exchange milk chocolate for dark chocolate or white chocolate. You can mix in sea salt or pretzels to get the right amount of salt and crunchiness. You can customize your favorite sweets just the way you want using these brand name candy bar recipes.

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