DIY Storage Ideas

Many people make New Year resolutions. Most people resolve to lose weight or to improve themselves in some way. I, on the other hand, am resolved to cut down on unnecessary items and also to organize my belongings in a simple and stylish way. I have organized my things before, but I am never happy with the results. My past DIY storage ideas have either not been practical or I have found them to be eyesores in my home. It is difficult to find a balance between appearance, practicality and price. However, given the limited amount of space in my small apartment, it is absolutely essential that I find storage and organization solutions that will work for the foreseen future. To that end, I have found of the handiest DIY storage ideas to myself and you de-clutter the home in fashionable and it was only right to share them with our lovely readers.

If you do not have a closet, it can be very difficult to hang up your button-up shirts, belts, ties and dresses in a way that is not embarrassing to bring people into your bedroom. Fortunately, there are a few stylish ways to display your DIY closet. You can buy a few racks, which can be mounted on the wall. Just make sure the design meshes with your other organizational materials.


Or, you can buy a clothes rack online or from a used clothing store and spray paint in order to make it prettier.



You can also create your own rack and suspend it from the ceiling using wire or chain.


Every woman is aware of how much room shoes can consume in a closet. So, when you are without a closet, use a ladder to make shoes easily accessible while keeping them against the wall and out of the way.


If you do not have room for a dresser and do not wish to hang up all of your clothes, try to utilize that space that usually goes unseen and unused. You can store your folded clothes and belongings in stylish baskets, boxes or buckets underneath your bed.


Or, you can build or buy a bed frame that accommodates storing clothing within the frame. The bonus of this one is that it keeps your belongings completely out of sight.


If you do not closet doors or dresser drawers to keep your clothing, but you just d not feel comfortable having your belongings out in plain view, try using a curtain.


As I said above, the main key to fitting all of your belongings into a small space in a stylish way is by using the underutilized areas. This definitely includes the walls and high up areas. Buy or build shelves, which you can hang high on the wall and store items that you will not regularly need.


If you are on the top bunk, create storage area with shelves for your water, phone and books.


If you do decide to buy a storage cabinet, get the most out of it by creating your own storage boxes. Many storage cabinets come for a closet area, which can easily be used to store baskets and boxes. Just use brackets to hold them into place.

Hope these DIY storage ideas help you have a more stylish and organized home for the new year. If you have any tips of your own, let us know below.

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