Creative Christmas Food Art

Christmas is a full of family, happiness and lots of decorations. It is a time when everything dons some sort of festive garb. Tabletops, rooftops, ugly sweaters, trees and everything in between receive a festive makeover for a few happy weeks. Food is not left of the decorating fun, either. In fact, food is becoming a decoration more and more through Christmas food art. Creative are taking traditional foods of the holiday and turning them into something so neat that you may not want to ruin it by eating it. If you have the time to try out these ideas, I highly suggest it. Kids will love to see an angel pancake or a Christmas tree veggie tray. They may even be more willing to eat their veggies during the sugary season as well. To bring out your creative side, I have gathered some of the best Christmas food art that is as enjoyable to look at as it is to eat.

Everyone loves Saint Nick, especially when he comes in the form of food. Bread is someway way cooler when he is the bread. With just crescent rolls and food dye, you can make an edible jolly fat man for Christmas dinner.


Taste of Home

He also comes in pancake form with whipped cream, blueberries and strawberries.


Bento Monsters

You can also remove the effort that is required in forming his face and just make his hat in the form of a cupcake. You only need a marshmallow, a strawberry and whipped cream as decorations.

strawberry santa hat cupcake

Or, you can go all out and make a sugary, lusciously frosted Santa hat cupcake.

santa hat cupcake

While Santa holds the spotlight, snowmen still hold their own as popular decorations. Like Santa, they can also be made into pancakes with toppings.


Bento Monsters

Snowmen also make adorable cupcakes. These cupcakes require skill in fondant, but the end result is adorable.

snowman cupcakes

Simply Cake

Snowmen can also also be savory. Just stack a few cheese balls together to create an delicious Frosty.

snowman cheeseball

Crafts a la Mode

Christmas trees are another major decoration of Christmas that can easily be constructed. Fortunately for the less crafty (like myself), there are many foods that can easily be shaped into Christmas trees. This Christmas tree veggie tray is so easy anyone could do it.

Christmas tree veggie tray

Mom Endeavors

Nearly anyone can put together this veggie and cheese tray to create an appetizer that is appealing to the eyes and taste buds.

cheese christmas tree

Pull-apart breads are also make a quick, easy and creative snack.

Christmas tree pull apart garlic knots

Eclectic Recipes

This gingerbread cookie tree requires a bit more skill, but the end result is beautiful.

gingerbread tree

Simply Cake

If you have some more time and skill, these Christmas tree meringues make quite the unique treat.


Smart School House

If you want a snack that is healthy and sweet, try this colorful fruit tree.

fruit Christmas tree food art

Ginger and Garlic

Or, you can get your fix of sugar in a quick but creative Reece’s peanut butter tree.

reeces cup Christmas tree

Teacher Chef

Gingerbread houses are a classic, but for something creative, try another building material, such as pretzels. This pretzel log cabin is the woodsy version of a gingerbread house.

pretzel log cabin gingerbread house

Cakes and Cookies

Or, you can get your kids to eat more veggies during the holiday by making a cool house out of them.

veggie lodge gingerbread house

Christmas lights are easy to make, colorful to look at and delicious to eat. These sugar cookie Christmas lights are perfect for kids and the novice baker.

Christmas lights cookies

Fork and Beans

Even easier as these Christmas lights candies made from M&Ms and Mike & Ikes.

candy Christmas lights

Hungry Happenings

Christmas just is not Christmas without rice crispy treats and these ornaments are an easy to way to be creative with the holiday staple.


Amy’s Finer Things

Fudge is also a seasonal must. Cookie cutters and candy sprinkles easily turn this dessert into a creative ornament.

cookie cutter ornament fudge

Betty Crocker

If you want to make something beyond Santa, Frosty, Christmas trees and their ornamentation, try making some simple gingerbread garland.

gingerbread letter garland

Hello Wonderful

Or a pinecone cheese ball.

almond pine cone cheeseball

Food Network

These Grinch heart cookies are fun to make and with a stamp or cookie cutter, you can make them complete with a heart that is several sizes too small.


Wanna Bite

With some heat (follow the directions in the link below), you can mould candy canes into various shapes and letters for a unique Christmas treat.

bend candy canesArtful Parent

Little effort is required with these pancakes and they are guaranteed to be a big hit, especially with kids.

cookie cutter pancakes for Christmas

Kids will also love these penguin olives with cream cheese bellies and carrot noses and feet.

black olive penguin

Foodie with Family

For a beautiful dessert that is both different and delicious, try a berry wreath Pavlova.

Christmas berry pavlova

My Square Frying Pan

For the more craft-inclined people who want something different, you cannot go wrong with a candy wonderland train and/or candy trees.

Christmas candy toy train

Party Pinching

Gift box cupcakes will always be crowd-pleasers as well.

Christmas gift cupcakes

Sand and Sisal

If you truly have some skill and some time, try to make an angel pancake.

Christmas angel pancakes

Living Locurto

If you have anyone of your own decorative Christmas food art traditions, let us know below!

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