Wedding Photo Musts – Bride and Groom First Kiss as Husband and Wife

You probably do not need a blog post to tell you that it is a photo must to capture the moment when the bride and groom first kiss as husband and wife. The photographer along with many wedding guests with cellphones will remember to do this. After all, this is one of the high points if not the pinnacle of the wedding. However, the bride and groom may want to get various angles of that once-in-a-lifetime moment. Do you want to get a view from the crowd, the aisle, from behind the altar facing the crowd, as the confetti is thrown, after the confetti has fallen on your hair and faces? Who knew there were so many facets of one moment? The possibilities are endless and you may want to have one or two ideas in mind for your photographer before you head down the aisle. That way he knows where to stand in order to catch the moment when the bride and groom first kiss as husband and wife. In case you are in search of ideas or need some visual inspiration in order to get your creativity going, I have some beautiful and interesting photos of when the bride and groom first kiss as husband and wife.


This may be one my favorite moment of the entire wedding – maybe because this is where the bride and groom officially seal the deal, maybe because it is completely romantic to have everyone focus on one kiss or maybe because it is the beginning of their new life together. To honor that face, be sure to a photo of their new rings as well as they leave the wedding altar after the “I do’s”.


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wedding photos with grandparents


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