Joy DIY Christmas Sign Tutorial


I am ready for the Christmas season to begin! Like most, now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas decor is going up. I am trying to get as much sentimental and homey decor as I can, because I do not like to buy plastic, plain and/or run of the mill Christmas decor at prices that are way higher than they are worth. I have been a bit creative lately {you can check out our Etsy store} and I decided to make a sign that will hopefully last for years to come. I thought I would share my “Joy” DIY Christmas sign tutorial with you.

I chose the word “joy”, because it is rather easy to spell out in cursive and it is short and to the point of the Christmas season. If you feel like you can produce more difficult words such as “Christmas” then definitely do so!


Tools I used:

First, spell out your word in measuring tape to the dimensions you wish.


Then, measure out and cut your wire. Be sure to add a few inches in case of accidents.


Cut your wire using your pliers or a wire cutter.


I find it helpful to uncoil the wire a bit.


Take your spring tube bender and begin forming the shape of the letters. The “J” and “O” should be fairly easy with single solid movements. As you can see from the photo, there is a bit of overlapping at the top of the “O”. The key to molding wire is not to do the same area repeatedly. Otherwise, you will get a bunch of kinks that will never straighten out completely.


The “Y” may be slightly more difficult to shape, but with one solid movement, you should be able to get the general shape you want. Then, you can fix any problems with a minor tug in one direction or another.


To form the top of the “Y”, you will need to use a pair of pliers. You may also need another pair of pliers to hold the wires as you crimp them tightly next to one another.


The end result should leave you something like this. I did not hold the wires correctly as I formed the edge of the “Y”, so it curved a bit at the top. Learn from my mistake. Overall, though, the shape turned out well. It is okay if there are a few bumps here and there. Minor imperfections will be covered up with the string.


Now comes the yarn-wrapping. Start at one end. Cut a long piece of yarn. It does not have to be the entire length of the word. It is easy to mesh a few pieces of yarn together while creating this. Choose your end to begin with and put a dab of the adhesive on it and cover it with yarn. Give that 10 minutes or so to dry. Then, you can begin wrapping the wire with string. Wrap it in the direction tightens the spiral of the string. This gives it a clean look and prevents the pattern from coming apart as you go.


Then, get going with the wrapping. Remember to dab a bit of glue onto the wire here and there as you wrap. Once you hit the “O”, wrap the yarn around the overlapping wire. Be sure to keep the wires parallel, though, or you will get a chunky portion right there. You can finish the “O” entirely or continue onto the “Y”. I chose to continue to the “Y” due to the amount of yarn I had. Whatever is left bare can be covered later with its own piece of yarn.


For the ends of wire, such as the top of the “Y”, add a thing layer of adhesive to the entire edge and wrap the string around it. Let it dry before covering the very top.


Whenever you add a new piece of string, try to add it to the back of the sign and push it against the other piece so as to blend them together. It worked well here for the “O”.


As you can see, much glue has been used, but the sign is getting there!


Once you have wrapped your edges and let them dry, cover the top, as I did here with the bottom tip of the “Y”.


Once all the adhesive has dried, cut off the edge with scissors. If you have little bits of yarn remaining, glue them down in order to help them blend.


Once you are done, it should look something like this! If you have any minor imperfections in the shapes of the letters, you can try to bend them a bit after the sign has dried. It is less malleable, so it holds it will hold its shape well if you pull it a bit here and there.


And here it is completed! I think it turned out decently and it will be around my home for Christmases to come.

diy-joy-Christmas-sign-hung-upHope this “Joy” DIY Christmas sign tutorial has helped bring some homemade Christmas cheer to your home.

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