Wedding Photo Musts: The Grandparents

grandfathers kissing bride

It is standard procedure at a wedding to get a photo of the bride and groom with their respective parents. It shows where each have come from and the bonding of two families. The proud parents of the bride and the groom garner plenty of attention on the wedding day. What about the grandparents, though? They do not get as much attention as the parents of the bride and groom, but they most definitely deserve as much respect. In terms of photography, that means that the bride and groom should have their own special wedding photos with grandparents.

If it is possible, get a photo of three generations in one shot. The more generations in a single wedding photo, the better! You can also get a closeup of the group’s rings, although this may be more pertinent for the women than for the men. The obvious is also a splendid idea – take a photo of the bride, mother of the bride and grandmother together to allow the family resemblance shines through the generations. The same goes for the men of the family.

grandparents see bride and groom

If the grandparents of either side of the family have already passed away, it is still possible to have them present at the wedding through the use of photos. It is quite sweet if you can include the grandparents’ wedding photos to accompany this new wedding day.

Wedding Photo musts the grandparents

grandparents wedding collage

Be sure to mix up the group photos as well . Do not only get the bride with her grandmothers, get her with her grandfathers as well. The same is true for the groom.

bride and groom with grandparents

Wedding photos with grandparents demonstrate the tradition that accompanies wedding. They show the bond between each successive generation on the day a new family begins. Those moments are too precious not to capture on film. The bride and groom {and their children} will surely love those photos for years to come.


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