50 Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I celebrated six months together this past week. Due to the fact that it is our first year together, we wanted to celebrate each of our milestones together. Both of us feel as though we have been together much longer than that, which I believe is to be taken as a good thing. However, our anniversary was a bit bumpy. We actually forgot on the day of anniversary that it was our special day. I thought it was the following day and he simply forgot until he texted me a bit later that day.


Yeah, that was a little embarrassing. To add to that, we did not have gifts for each other that day. Mine was set to arrive the following day and he just did not know what to get me. We may have argued a bit as well. Like I said, it was a bumpy day. However, we did recover later by celebrating properly with a nice dinner.

Although we did not have the day we intended, we still enjoyed it simply because of its significance for our relationship. That day made me think of everything about us – from our first date to our trip to Italy {which I will post about later} and I felt that it was only right to pay a little bit of homage to him. In honor of my six month anniversary with my boyfriend Max, I have compiled some of the sweetest reasons why I love my boyfriend.


  1. He does not sit in the armchair that he loves, because I want him to sit on the couch next to me.
  2. He always lets me put my feet on his lap.
  3. He walks everywhere simply because I like it despite the fact that he HATES it.
  4. He gives me a massage whenever I ask for it.
  5. He watches the TV shows that I want to watch without complaining even though he has no interest in show.
  6. He puts up with me making fun of his shows {although I only get five jibes per show}.
  7. We have many inside jokes.
  8. He is reserved with nearly everyone else except me.
  9. He cleans without having to be asked and also when I do ask.
  10. We agree on so many things.
  11. He is very expressive with me and always tells me how much he loves me.
  12. He consistently puts in more effort than I expect.
  13. He is a homebody {I cannot believe I like that, but I do}.
  14. He sporadically breaks into funny dances randomly throughout the day just to make me laugh.
  15. He is not bothered at all if I do not wear makeup or do my hair, but he appreciates it when I do.
  16. He cuts his hair and shaves when I want him to.
  17. He always tells me the truth even when it is not great.
  18. He likes to go grocery shopping with me.
  19. He carved pumpkins for the first time in his life with me even though he was not interested.
  20. He does not watch sports at all.
  21. He warms me up when I am cold.
  22. We speak to each other in Latin and Spanish like nerds.
  23. His response to nearly everything is, “Yes, my Claire.”
  24. He gets upset when I am upset.
  25. He has curved his love of beer for me.
  26. He has changed his diet for me.
  27. He stops me from eating junk.
  28. He loves holding hands.
  29. He went along with every single thing I wanted to do in Italy {even in the rain}.
  30. He loves my cooking.
  31. He tells me that I am his number one priority and demonstrates it daily.
  32. His day is off when we do not cuddle in the morning.
  33. He confides in me.
  34. I confide in him.
  35. He lets me have final say on almost everything simply because he wants to make me happy.
  36. I have convinced him to exercise.
  37. He does not sleep well without me.
  38. We watch awful TV shows together and make fun of them.
  39. He is intelligent and ambitious.
  40. He puts my feelings before his own.
  41. He makes dad jokes and my derision does not deter him.
  42. He tries to make me proud/impress me in meaningful ways.
  43. He keeps calms and maintains a level head when things go wrong.
  44. He remembers all the small details that I tell him.
  45. He loves having lazy days together.
  46. I have rubbed off on him and he has rubbed off on me.
  47. He is quick to apologize.
  48. He lets me wear/take his shirts.
  49. He is consistently in a good mood.
  50. He is handsome.

What can I say? It may not be the most important thing in the world, but I cannot deny how handsome he is 🙂 Cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.



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