Awkward Halloween Photos

We have been talking about so many lovely things lately, so I felt that it was only appropriate to change subjects to something a little bit less lovely and a little bit funnier. Seeing that Halloween is only a few short weeks away, I think that we should turn gears toward that holiday. Rather than attempting to celebrate the scariness of the night with decorations {as we have done here and here}, with food {like this and this} or through costumes for kids or adults, I want to enjoy the things that go wrong that night through awkward Halloween photos.

If you have seen our other posts regarding awkward photos on various occasions such as weddings, engagement photos, Christmas, Easter and Halloween in the past {if not, check out the links below for a good laugh}, then you know just how much I value photos that are less than perfect. They make for the most memorable moments, because they are the photos that will be pulled out over and over by family throughout the years to undoubtedly bring back the best memories….even if they are not the best memories in your mind. These people clearly have some great photos {and I am sure stories to go with them as well} and I am so glad that they were kind enough to share them with the internet.

So, without further ado, I hope that these awkward Halloween photos get in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, and if you happen to have any gems like these of your own, consider sharing them with Awkward Family Photos….or just us 🙂 Happy Halloween!

halloween scared baby in pumpkin

funny kiss halloween costumehalloween bug costume

akward halloween photo 1awkward devil halloween costumeawkward family halloween costumesawkward halloween costumeawkward halloween photoawkward old couple halloween costumesfunny beauty and the best halloween costumesfunny halloween clowen costumesfunny halloween costumes photofunny halloween costumesfunny halloween kids photofunny halloween photo 1funny halloween photo 2funny halloween photofunny halloween toilet costumefunny kids halloween costume photo

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