56 Comfy & Chic Autumn Outfits I’m Loving

Although it may not feel like autumn in Los Angeles right now {the temperature here was a blistering 99° yesterday}, but other parts of the country and world are fortunate enough to enjoy the season of autumn. The crisp, cool air and the leaves covering the ground in a beautiful yellow, orange and red collage – I am jealous of it all. It makes me want to turn up the AC to an uncomfortably cold temperature just so I can sip on some hot tea or cider and dress up in some of these fashions in preparation for the cooler “winter” months. Although I cannot wear these comfy autumn outfits at the moment, that does not stop me from loving them. It did not stop Lindsey last year, either. I hope you can make use of some of these autumn outfits for just them for some inspiration.


A tried and true, perennial favorite of winter and autumn outfits is plaid. It is always classic {especially for scarves} and can be used for casual outfits as well as getting gussied up.

autumn outfit jeans and leathers jacket

photo @ Pinterest

checkered skrit with ruffled blue shirt and burnt orange cardigan fall fashion

photo @ Deep Roots at Home

plaid shirt with red skirt and blue scarf colorful fall fashion

white dress black leggings and scarft fall fashion

photo @ Liz Marie

plaid shirt with skinny jeans and leather boots fall fashion

photo @ Style Kick

holey sweater with plaid scarf, skinny jeans and platform shoes fall fashion

preppy autumn outfit

long wool skirt with blue button up scarf and boots thrify fall fashion

photo @ Look Book

plaid scarf with tan open cardigan, skinny jeans and ankle boots fall fashion

photo @ Heart Swoon

big plaid scarf with layered sweater and dress shirt and wool coat fall fashion

preppy plaid fall fashion

plaid scarf with white button up and jeans fall fashion

photo @ Butiksofie


Although leather is seen in all seasons of the year, it starts to become quite prominent in the autumn. Then, leather jackets, skirts and more come out of the closet for chic and comfy style.

skinny jeans and brown leather jacket and orange scarf fall fashion

photo @ See Anna Jane

brown leather skirt and sweater with button up underneath fall fashion

brown leather shorts with oversized black sweater and black tights and leather ankle boots with leather purse autumn outfit

photo @ 17th & Style


photo @ Img Hut

brown leather jacket with big brown scarf fall fashion

photo @ Pinterest

Denim Shirts

Denim is normally associated with warmth, which makes it fitting as shirt material for colder weather. It is perfect for a casual outfit and although it is a normal piece of clothing, it is not as common as other tops.

denim shirt and black leggings and floral scarf fall fashion

photo @ The Pleated Poppy

khaki skirt denim shirt tights scarf and boots fall fashion

photo @ Deep Roots at Home

denim shirt, pearl necklace, black leggings and knee high leather boots autumn outfit

photo @ Polished & Pink

Shorts {and Rompers}

Although autumn is traditionally a time for warm clothing and accessories, shorts are still functional and stylish, especially with a pair of tights.

shorts autumn outfit

photo @ Fine & Feathered

knit sweater with wool shorts, black tights and red scarf fall fashion

photo @ She Inside

floral romper with chunky khaki scarf and brown tights

photo @ Etsy

Dresses and Skirts

The same goes for dresses and skirts. I love seeing beautiful dresses and skirts of all lengths in fall fashion, especially with tights or leggings. No woman should be confined to pants for the autumn and winter. With some creativity, you will be able to get a unique look and be warm at the same time.

chunky white sweater with skinny black belt fall fashion

photo @ Workday Weekend

red dress with black tights and chunky brown scarf autumn outfit

photo @ Pinterest

green dress with brown leather belt black tights autumn outfit

photo @ Pinterest


photo @ Tumblr

yellow skirt and turquoise jacket autumn outfit

photo @ Styleoholic

pink sweater, khaki scarf and gray wool skirt classic fall fashion

photo @ Styleoholic

pink scarf brown jacket and dark skirt with leggings fall fashion

photo @ Styleoholic

dark dress with dark tight and light shirt fall fashion

photo @ The Clothes Horse

white lace shirt with blue jacket and red maxi dress fall fashion

photo @ Deep Roots at Home

dress autumn outfit

photo @ Pinterest

chunky scarf with jacket, dress and tights fall fashionphoto @ CAbi

Floral Designs

Floral designs are usually associated with the spring and summer, but I have been seeing floral shirts, skirts and scarves in many autumn outfits and I love it. Autumn outfits have a tendency to be full of muted and natural colors, something too much so, and I love the design and color accents that floral patterns are bringing.

floral top with jeans and brown boots fall fashion

photo @ Her Lovely Style

skirt cardigan and scarf classic fall fashion

photo @ MaieDae

floral dress with chunky scarf and long cardigan and patterned tights fall fashion

photo @ Pinterest

blue dress with mustard cardigan and red tights autumn outfit

photo @ Fine & Feathered

maroon autumn fashion

photo @ Thoughts by Natalie

Other Comfiness

Above all, do not underestimate the other power of comfiness in your autumn outfits. It will add to your style and enjoyment of the clothing throughout the season. Whether that comfiness comes from oversized sweaters, leggings, leg warmers, chunky scarves, a long cardigan or big boots, what is comfy and cozy is best.

brown thermal and black leggings autumn outfit

photo @ Free People

casual layered brown and green sweater and jeans autumn outfit

photo @ Pinterest

polka dot dress with white cardigan and red chunky infinity scarf autumn outfit

photo @ Pinterest

red and blue autumn outfit

photo @ Fine and Feathered

sweater pants and heels fall fashion

photo @ Styleoholic

black leggings with muted top and cardigan autumn outfit

photo @ Lilly Style


photo @ Mayte Doll

comfy sweater with black leggings, legwarmers and boots autumn outfit

blue and white autumn outfit with leather boots

photo @ Pinterest

dark scarf and jeans with light dress shirt fall fashion

navy and gray casual autumn outfit

photo @ Annn Marie

white knit sweater with light red scarf, skinny jeans, legwarmers and leather boots autumn outfit

muted colors fall fashionleggings, legwarmers, oversized sweater, scarf and boots autumn outfit

sweater boots with gray fall fashion

 chunky scarf, big sweater cozy fall fashion

simple and colorful fall fashion

photo @ Babble

What outfits are you loving this fall? Do you see a trend you like? Let us know below.

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