Wedding Photo Musts: The Grooms First Look

A wedding day is the big day. After months of planning and a great deal of money spent, two families are brought together as a couple becomes husband and wife. With such significant moments happening all at once, it is very easy to miss the particularly precious moments and people that make a wedding special. Everyone remembers to take a photo of the wedding cake, but not everyone remembers to take a photo of the father of the bride when he first sees his daughter in her gown or the flower girl as she watches the bride get dressed. These are the tender moments that should not be forgotten, but can easily be overlooked. Since we like to help brides here at Inspiring Pretty, we are going to sharing the must-have photos for brides and examples to give you some creative inspiration to preserve the sentiment of your wedding.

Today, we are discussing one of my favorite moments of every wedding: the grooms first look at his bride. Usually this occurs as she walks down the aisle to meet him at the altar. For the couples that do not observe tradition, this may happen prior to the ceremony. Either way, getting the groom’s his raw emotion caught on camera will definitley make for an everlasting memory.



Be on the lookout for more wedding photo musts just like the grooms first look. They are coming soon!


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