Fourth of July Nail Art

A manicure has gone far beyond a simple application of nail polish to nail art. As we have mentioned before, we love nail art, and the birthday of declaration of independence of the United States is an ideal event to practice creating some creative nail art. To help you, I have some unique and creative Fourth of July nail art ideas for you to try out. There are many options to show off your patriotism through nail art. You can paint on Old Glory or creatively display stars. You can also take advantage of the day and paint on fireworks or  just show off the red, white and blue in creative ways, including true girl-fashion: in glitter. Whatever you choose, here are original Fourth of July nail art ideas to help you celebrate the day.

The most prominent way to show off your love of America is with the Stars and Stripes. And although it may seem common, there are many ways to do this, so it is easy to be original with your manicure {or pedicure}.


If you want something a little less on the nose, stars may be an option. After all, it still pays tribute to the flag, fireworks and the Revolutionary War. Plus, they are quite fashionable 🙂


If you simply want to celebrate the day , want to break away from the red, white and blue color scheme or if you just want something less common, try painting on some fireworks.


Or, you can make some nail art of your own by combining these elements or inventing your own. Tie die, ombre, polka dots, gingham and other designs can make for lovely Fourth of July nail art.


If you do try one, please send us a photo or leave a comment telling us how it turned out. Happy Fourth of July!

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