DIY Homemade Sunburn Remedies

sunburn remedies

It may not officially be summer yet, but it already feels like August here in Los Angeles. We had a steady forecast of 90° days last week. That means a lot more time outside for me, including a trip to the beach. Now, I am tan (still slightly red) and ready for summer. I’m even developing tan lines on my feet from my sandals. Weirddd. Anyways, for those who do not tan quite so easily, though, I understand that this time of year brings a twinge of grief, because you have to prepare for sunburns every time you step outside. So, to help you enjoy the summer a bit more, I have a few handy homemade sunburn remedies to help treat your sunburns.

1.) Take a bath with baking soda

Scoop two tablespoons of baking soda into a cool bath and soak for 15 minutes. Do not exceed this time, because baking soda can dry out your skin.

2.) Repair your skin with an oatmeal bath

As we have mentioned before, oatmeal softens and hydrates your skin and it is ideal for treating a sunburn. Grind up a cup of oatmeal in a blender or coffee grinder and toss it into a warm or cool bath. It will soften and hydrate your skin and prepare the dead skin to be exfoliated.

3.) Sooth your skin with a cool cloth

Ice may be too harsh to apply to your skin, but a cold cloth can be just right to get a soothing effect. Try leaving the wash cloth in the freezer for a few minutes to get the cloth cold, but not icy.

4.) Moisturize with cold lotion

When your skin is burnt, it needs moisture. You can hydrate it with lotion. You can make it more soothing, though if you keep your lotion in the fridge for a few hours or in the freezer for 20 minutes or so.

5.) Relieve pain with potatoes

Raw potatoes are a time-tested pain reliever and natural healer due to the fact that they are antibacterial. Just blend up a potato and apply the puree to your skin. You can wrap the puree around your burnt areas with gauze to make it less messy. Leave on the concoction for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it off with water. Alternatively, you can also place potato slices on your burnt areas for the same effect.

6.) Ease irritated areas with corn starch

For areas that receive lots of friction with clothing, such as where your pants button or your bra straps fall, cover these areas with cornstarch. Jelly substances will add to the friction and exacerbate the pain, but cornstarch will help make the clothing glide.

7.) Use witch hazel to reduce sting

As an anti-inflammatory, witch hazel can reduce stinging pain of sunburns. Just apply it with a wash cloth, tissue or cotton ball and let it dry.

8.) Apply yogurt to speed healing

This is a popular remedy and for good reason. The coldness will soothe your skin while the yogurt restored your skin’s natural pH level.

9.) Add vinegar to your bath as an astringent

A cup of white or apple cider vinegar can be added to your bath as an astringent, which will soothe the burn and speed healing.

10.) Drink water to hydrate your skin

It is important to stay hydrated while recovering from a sunburn. So, drink up to give your body what it needs to repair itself. Water will also cut down any dizziness you may experience from being too long in the sun.

11.) Eat melon to stay hydrated

If you get tired of drinking water, eat some summery melon instead. Watermelon, honeydew melon or cantaloupe will do. Along with hydration, they will provide nutrition as well.

12.) Drain the blisters

You may think that you should let the blisters be, but large ones may actually toxic and should not be left to sit. Wash your hands before you do anything else. Sterilize a needle and then poke a tiny hole into the blister and allow it to drain. You can do this up to twice in the first 24 hours to speed up the healing. After that, the toxicity has dropped and therefore you can allow the blisters to heal on their own. Cover the blister with a bandaid or gauze until it heals.

13.) Soothe and repair your skin with aloe vera ice cubes

We have mentioned this cool little tip before. Pair the comfort of cold with the relieving and repairing attributes of aloe vera for possibly the most immediate sunburn treatment.

14.) Use tea to decrease swelling

This is a popular method. Just apply plain black tea with a wash cloth, tissue or cotton ball to the infected area. You can also place tea bags on your eyelids or beneath them to reduce swelling due to sun exposure.

15.) Relieve and repair skin with cucumber

Cucumbers are chock full of vitamins including vitamin E, which is essential for repairing damaged skin.

16.) Avoid soap

Soap strips your skin of vital nutrients and moisture, so skip the soapbar while your skin is recovering from a sun burn.

If you know of any other homemade sunburn remedies, let us know below!

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