Irish Kiss Brownie Thumbprint Cookies

This St. Patrick’s Day I wanted something a little Irish… no.. you dont say… 🙂 Yes, I do say! I wanted something with a little Irish Cream and a hint of mint.  What goes better with mint than chocolate? Uh Nothing.. Duh.

Irish Cookies 5.jpg

So I found this really cool recipe that uses Irish Cream and I made a few of these cookies today. Its pretty delish and thanks to Frugal Foodie Mama they are going to be a hit!  Here’s what you’ll need to make them yourself:

Irish Cookies 1.jpg

I chose to use this Brady’s Irish Cream because it had chocolate and mint. Bailey’s is, of course, amazing but I wanted that extra zing to my cookies that the recipe does not call for. But use the Irish Cream of your liking. Just add a dash of mint extract if you use a regular Irish Cream for your minty pep! I also used Almond Milk because Moviestar and I don’t drink regular milk anymore. But again, use what you like!

Irish Cookies 2.jpg

Mmmmm…. Chocolate kisses and Vanilla Melts….. I couldn’t stop eating them. Try to control yourself.

Irish Cookies 4.jpg

Once they are done, thy should look something like this! Thank you Frugal Foodie Mama for this yummy St. Patty’s Day recipe! They are going to be soooo good after our Corned Beef and Cabage tonight. Yum!

*For the full recipe click on the Frugal Foodie Mama links above.

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