Last Minute Halloween Painted Pumpkin

Halloween Painted Pumpkin

Okay so it’s Halloween Eve. Are you finding yourself decorationless?  Yeah tomorrow is Halloween and kids will be out roaming from house to house excited to get their candy but also to see some scary decorations. Moviestar and I try to put up some stuff around our apartment {we live in a bungalow type place with a front and back door so its easy to put up outdoorsy  stuff}. But if you find that October was spooked away so quickly that you don’t have any pumpkins carved on your front porch like these below carved by myself, Moviestar, Bonnie and her boys, why not try painting some pumpkins?

Jack-o-Lantern Collage

Literally today I decided to try this and though I wanted to do more intricate details on it {like spray painting over lace to give it a pretty look or a few lines and chevrons}, I decided it would be much easier to just give my pumpkin a creepy high gloss black look.

Painted Pumpkin Collage

Having gone through it now, I would have just sprayed the stem first and then once dried, covered the stem and then sprayed the black {to be honest, I tried doing a gold chevron along the center but it just wasn’t going to work with the ill planned way I tried to do it. Ha!} But if you have a little time to put together a few decorated pumpkins, follow my lead or take a step further and try one of these!

Candy Corm Painted Pumpkins

Striped Painted Pumpkin

Monogram Painted Pumpkin

Painted Face Pumpkins

Chevron Painted Pumpkins

Skull Painted Pumpkin

Painted and Decoupaged Lace Pumpkins

Lastly, if you dont even want to bother with the painting or just want to paint one or two and decorate others a little more simply, try these out:

Fishnet Covered Pumpkins

Lace Covered Pumpkins 

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