Uh… Crazy About These Cozy Fall Fashions!

Yeah so…. I’m ready for Fall. You’re pretty much going to see a lot of posts about this fabu season on here from now on cause you know what, damn it? It’s September. I know it’s 100 degrees here in So Cal, but I do not care. I cannot help but think of Fall and all its coolness, which makes me then want to get cozy and cuddly. So, here are the soft and comfy Fall fashions I am looking forward to this season. I hope you’re into them as much as I am!

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I’m really loving loose casual sweaters this year. It’s so versatile. I mean who would have thought to pair it over a soft, simple dress and leggings? Certainly not me. But I could totally looked dressed up and cute yet find myself completed cozy and warm.

Speaking of odd pairings with a loose sweater, what about shorts? Alright maybe not for you folks who will start getting snow here in about a month {or even have highs in the 60’s} but for us here, this is a great way to add Fall fashion to an otherwise warm climate.


And again with the loungy sweater…. sorry, just get use to it. I’m digging the length with leggings. And I must say leggings are hot right now. Like super cool popular man 🙂 Hope you havent been living under a rock for the last year or 2, cause then you wouldn’t know that. And then theres the big ol’ jacket. Yeah, I love it.

I also love adding femininity to an otherwise manish ensemble. Slacks rolled up revealing cute sparkly shoes is fun. And well, the bling necklace over the button up makes this loose and casual idea feel like something out after a hard day at the office.


What about the ballerina look? I certainly can’t pull it off but I love the idea. Thigh highs, long cozy socks, a loose skirt and cozy sweaters? I’m in!

Oh crap! The dogs need food, we are out of coffee for the morning and Moviestar needs me to pick up a Redbox movie on my way back home?! Okay, this outfit will be my perfect throw on when leaving the house for a bit.

Then there one of my all-time faves. A pair of jeans, a tee and a hoodie. What more could a simple girl like me ask for? Um, a beanie. Oh yes. That’ll do.

And maybe some layering too…. 🙂 This makes me just want to curl up with a book.

K. Now that I’ve got these, I’ll start gathering for that cold weather. Whenever it may come …….

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