DIY Antiqued Mirror Glass

Hey all! I’ve finally had the chance to work on a craft. And boy it was a doozy. I hope you remember a post I did about a month ago that involved a lot of dollar store craftings {if you don’t remember post, here’s a refresher of my Dollar Store Home Decor finds}.  Basically, after doing this post I decided I really wanted to attempt 17 Aparts DIY Antiqued Mirror Glass craft.

For the full tutorial and instructions, go to 17 Apart. I would go through everything I did, but I basically followed her directions to a “T” and she explained everything so well {plus, I think hers look better than mine}.

The only problem is that though I have many pieces of glassware, mason jars etc. I did not have the Looking Glass spray paint and because I wanted to try and keep the cost of my craft down I was hoping to not have to buy it or to get it cheap. Moviestar, being a painter, has allll sorts of paints and spray paints tucked in corners and crevices of our storage space. So, I showed him the craft, the pictures and talked about the idea of mercury mirror glass and that this technique is for antiquing it.  He thought we might be able to achieve the same look with a metallic silver paint he already had because it has metal in it and the technique we would use would separate the metal and aid in the antique feel. Here’s what I did.

As you can see it looks ok, but it didn’t really give me the full effect I was going for.  So, I broke down and decided to buy the Krylon Looking Glass spray. The only problem was…. I couldn’t find it! After some good thorough searching at Michael’s {who’ve discontinued selling it}, Home Depot and a few other places on the Krylon distributor list, I found it at OSH. My painter hubby told me they didnt carry Krylon, but wha, what?! I FOUND IT! So, I came straight home and tested it out.

And here’s my second try. Much, much better right? I’m so happy with it. I’m sure you are going to go to 17 Apart and read her instructions, but the gist of it is that you want to mist your glass container with a mix of half water/half white vinegar, then spray with the looking glass spray. Mist one more time, wait a minute or two and then dab the container with a paper towel to pull some of the pray off {your first few times will look like the ones at the top, a little see-through still}. Repeat the process until you get the look you want. This one actually turned out the best for me.

Here are my other two. I couldn’t seem to get the antiqued look on the bottle as much as I wanted but the smaller vase I do love.

And that’s all she wrote. I really love the way they look in our home. Since we are in the beginning stages of a redesign in the living room, I’m looking forward to placing them on shelves alongside my other decor pieces.  I’d love to see you guys give it a try and see if it works for you! Let me know.

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