Summer Fun and a Lemonade Punch Recipe

Fortunately for us here in California this summer has actually been pretty mild weather-wise. My family {on both sides} love the out of doors. At a wine-tasting in Napa Valley last week my side of the family enjoyed a gorgeous view, the shadiness of trees, a picnic lunch and my adorable nieces without the scorching sun melting us to death. It’s been so beautiful. The best summer weather in years!

Lily and her Daddy Geoff


Alice and her Pampa John

All and all, I have been in weather heaven, because I am someone who despises the heat {as in if I could punch it and tell it to get out and never come back, I would}. So, I have been able to thoroughly enjoy these last few months and I have been really into cool, refreshing, sitting-out-on-the-porch-with-a-nice-breeze kind of drinks. And boy do I have a drink recipe for you! Sweet and cool lemonade punch. It is delish. This may be my new summer drink.

You’ll need:

3 frozen cans of limeade drink

2 frozen cans of lemonade drink

2 liters of lemon lime soda

3 tsp. of orange extract

Pour your soda in a punch bowl or pitcher

Then pour your frozen concentrate in {I was minimizing my recipe to fit in this cute little pitcher so I only did one can of limeade and 1/2 a can of lemonade} and then add the extract.

Bam! You are done. I added some lemon slices to jazz it up a bit and give the drink some visual appeal.  But whoo-wee! It sure tastes good. I must admit that it is pretty sweet, but oh, so tasty. If you do not want your punch to be too sweet, you can always add more soda or less juice until you get your ideal flavor.

Enjoy the rest of your summer fun!


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