No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert

First off let me say, O.M.G.

If the title here didn’t excite you, I don’t know what will. I came across this no-bake dessert recipe on Pinterest the other day and was like, “Oh that looks good and super easy. I’ll ‘Pin It’ for later.”  Then Moviestar and I went to the store for our weekly grocery shop and with the mega sweet tooth he has, he began scouring the baking aisle for dessert options.  It got me thinking about my pin. So, I grabbed the ingredients and as soon as we got home, I got to work.

Now, we are two people. Not a whole family with kids and all so sometimes I see recipes and they are for like 5-6 people. Seriously, if I made desserts that fed 5 people they wouldn’t last more than 2 days {who am I kidding, they wouldn’t last the night…} and that’s not particularly good for our waistlines which are already growing with each passing week. But that’s a whole other post. So, I have to cut them down. At least by half. So, instead of using the 13×9 in. dish this recipe calls for, I used a loaf dish and halved all of the ingredients.  I know a loaf dish seems A LOT smaller than a 13×9, but it is also significantly deeper which meant I could either do more layers or more cream. I chose more cream 🙂

**If you end up following my lead on downsizing, you are going to find the graham cracker layering a tad tricky. As you can see below, I had to break my crackers up quite a bit in order to make them fit in the dish. But hey, no matter, you won’t see them when it’s all finished and it tastes perfectly wonderful anyway!**

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before really doing anything, you need to mix your Cool Whip and Pudding.

Now Stop. Wait right there. Hold it.

I’m not even joking. Go through my post, have fun reading it and looking at my pics, but READ the recipe instructions first! Because you could have a brain fart or just be in a rush to get this thing in the fridge so it has time to harden. {I was the former} and straight up mix the dry pudding powder into the cool whip. Though this creates a pretty yummy cream that might be nice for another dessert, it is extremely difficult to use in this one. Mostly because it won’t spread.  Like a dumb-dumb that’s what I did, and when I started to spread I realized that I didn’t have enough cream and it looked a lot thicker than the pics from the recipe on Then… and only then… did I decide to read the recipe. It calls for you to make the pudding {duh! Milk is one of the ingredients!} and then mix with the cool whip. So, having already mixed the pudding mix in the cool whip I just added some milk and it turned out just okay, just a little lumpy. So don’t follow suit! Read, Read, Read.

Then I started layering away! Again, you’ll have some fun with the graham crackers but it all turns yummy and beautiful in the end. The last thing you’re going to do is make the chocolate topping.  Since I was cutting down her recipe and halved all of the ingredients I ended up with a little more chocolate than I think I needed for such a small radius. But hey, it’s chocolate. Can you ever have too much? Don’t answer that.

Once completed, you are suppose to then refrigerate overnight. But I didn’t have time for that! So, what did I do? I popped it in the freezer for a couple hours {about 3} and then shifted it back to the fridge until we were ready for dessert. It worked out just fine however preparing this the night before is probably best or if you have about 8 hrs. of time before you are going to eat it so that it can harden in the fridge. The reason for this? You know how cool whip hardens and crystalizes in the freezer? Yeah, so the cake will do that too.  Not as appetizing as it was the next day after sitting in the fridge softening. So, I recommend the fridge.

Doesn’t that look soooo yummy?! Well, It was. It was awesome. Moviestar and I even tried to come up with a way to give this a Tiramisu update…… Might share that with you soon. Mmmmm…..

For the recipe and full list of ingredients with much prettier photos, go over to The Kitchen is My PlaygroundTracey has not only this fantastic No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert, but so many other awesome recipes I have saved for later cooking adventures.

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