My Favorite Hairstyles from Pinterest!

I’ve always been one to do things a little outside the box when it came to fashion, make-up and hair. Well, maybe not too outside the box but I definitely love to experiment. As a pre-teen, I loved taking fashion trends or ideas and then standing in front of my mirror and trying it in different ways with the clothes that I had in my closet. I also had fun doing the same thing with make-up.  Now as I’ve grown a little older and tire of the plain old hair styles {down, ponytail, low bun} that I’ve done all my life.  So, I’ve began searching for different ways to style it up. I remembered a few years ago watching a movie with Anne Hathaway. What was it? Oh yeah “Becoming jane” and when seeing her in her nightgown with hair pulled to one side in a loose braid, I thought, “hm… that would make a super cute everyday hair style.” So, I started doing it. It wasn’t long before everyone was putting their hair in a loose side braid like this:

Not that I was thee trend setter by any means, but I did like the fact that I did something pretty before it became popular. Don’t you love when that kind of stuff happens? Well, here are a few more hairstyles I just can’t get enough of that I’ve discovered on the ever wonderful Pinterest.

I’m going to actually try some of these hair styles and share the outcome with you all. Check back for my update!

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