7 Gift Baskets for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is like right around the corner.  It always seems to sneak up on me after Mother’s Day. Uhg.. drives me crazy. But here we are and I’m trying to come up with something fun for both my dad and stepdad. It’s a pressure…..

If you’re in the same boat, a great way to personalize gifts is to create a basket of their favorite things. I’ve found a few that I think a lot of dad’s would totally dig.  I know my Dad would love the Movie Night set and my stepdad, the BBQ Bucket.  Maybe your Dad would want one of these too?

Cookie Box

This is a yummy looking box and I know if I made this for any of the dads in my life they;d gobble it up. And what’s best is that you can make whatever cookies they would like. Mmmm…

Backyard Bucket

I know my step-dad would love this because he likes to spend time in his backyard watching the boats go by. A coke, some meat on the grill {maybe even some shell fish} and a chair by the bay. Could it get better than that?

Pop Box Candy Set

This would be perfect for my Father-in-law! He likes all sorts of different candy and I think he’d get a kick out of the soda bottles. Too fun!

Beard Treatment Set

Do you have a Duck Dynasty man in your life? I do…. well at the moment he’s pretty beard-free but he’s been known to strut one from time to time.  I’ve considered getting him this {but not a dad yet so not this time:} and maybe your bearded dad cold use this on his scruffies?

Movie Night Bucket

Again, I know my Dad would be thrilled to have this. He’s a huge movie fan. I mean huge. And he loves watching movies at home so this bucket would be perfect. And what’s even better is this could also be a family night which is the best gift of all.

Car wash Bucket

Oh boy, Moviestar would want this so bad. He has a nice, pretty truck and religiously washes it every saturday morning. Your man {or Dad} feel the same love for his vehicle? This is the best gift for guys like this.

Tool Tub

And then there’s tools. Most men love or at least use tools a lot. Moviestar has a huge tool box however he’s a dirty grease monkey so he has to. If you have a basic tool usin’ Dad he’d probaby love to have a cool tool tub to take with them when he needs to “fix” things.

Hope your Dad loves whatever you give him and enjoy Father’s Day with the Dad in your life!

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