Growing My Garden from Scratch

So a few weeks ago Claire shared some tomatoes she was growing and it inspired me. My hubby Moviestar loves desert plants and recently we added three little guys to our continuously growing cacti. The cacti we bought at Ikea a few years ago and it use to be 1/4 of the size {it’s the one below in the teal pot}.

The other three I just planted in hopes that they grow bigger and better like the cacti.  Then I thought, why not start a garden for myself? As a girl, I’m a bit partial to flowers {duh} and I wanted see more in my garden. With a few packets received from my brother-in-law {an avid gardener} I decided to plant my own.

{My Larkspur Pot}

{My Lavender Pot}

{My Larkspur Pot}

And then I followed Bonnie’s advice and replanted some romaine lettuce ends to re-grow them. Yup, that’s right! If you save your lettuce ends, put them in a container {standing up} fill with an inch of water {swapping out the water every day for 4 days} and then plant them, you’ll be able to grow your own lettuce. This is mine after about 6 days. It started to re-grow within the 2nd day and I can’t wait to see how much more it grows over the next month!

So, I’ve given you my before’s….. so I’ll keep you posted on my after’s! You can get started growing your garden with this recommended site.

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