DIY Wood Signs

Wow, I have been meaning to share this project with you for so long {ever since Christmas… that’s a long time} and for whatever reason I kept forgetting. But after sharing the ideas I found for using wood palettes as home decor, it got me thinking about this project again. And so, here I am.

I wanted to make something special for my parents new beach house and for my sister who had just moved into a new place. Knowing that Moviestar has plenty of access to wood palettes and wooden crates at his job site so I asked him to bring a good amount home for me. I was ready to tackle a couple DIY wood signs!

Then once we removed all the nails and I measured the pieces for Moviestar to cut evenly for me, he nailed them all together for me.  Then we tackled some sanding and they were ready for staining and painting!

I chose a nice dark stain for the one for my parents. It would eventually hang in their classy beach house and so I figured a modern dark wood would be nice. It’s pretty easy to stain wood {just follow the instructions on the can} as long as the rag you use is something you’re cool parting with…. It’ll stain and stink really bad.

For my sisters sign I wanted paint. The colors of her room {the bedding really} are a black, white and pinkish-purple so I went with painting it white. Moviestar helped me out with that… my little painter boy….

He sprayed it for me so I would get a nice even coat and hit all those little crevices. But if you just use a roller and some small paint brushes, it’ll be just as good {might take a bit longer though…. this took him 2 minutes to spray}.

Once they were dry {the stain takes a couple days and the paint shouldn’t take more than a few hours}, I was able to spend time figuring out my wording and design. My sisters is a Marilyn Monroe quote that sums her up to a “T”….

And the one for the folks, well…. it was just all about the house as you can read…

I also hot glued a few shells to give it some additional ambiance. In the end they all loved them. I know my shots aren’t the best {I’m going to try and get some of the finished product hanging in their houses}. But you get the jist of the project right?

So, why not try this yourself? Grab some extra wood from that job site, dumpster or just buy some cheapos at Home Depot. However you get the wood, do it. It’s fun and a great DIY home decor!

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