The Tomatoes are Coming!

For the first time in my adult life, I am trying to grow plants. I’ve bought a few plants in the past for my cat to play in, all of which she has utterly destroyed, but I didn’t care, because that was their purpose. This summer though, I am growing a few of my own fruits and vegetables in hope of saving a bit of money and eating some truly fresh food. After relentless weeks of a few new plant limbs branching here and there, I was excited last week to finally see tomatoes sprouting. This week, I have not only seen the existing tomatoes grow, I now have about five new ones starting. I can’t wait until my other plants start sprouting, too. I have squash, cucumbers and watermelons growing as well, but have not yet seen any sprouts. Now that Bonnie has moved into her new home, she has avocados, oranges and grapefruits growing naturally in her backyard, and she plans to plant some fruits and vegetables soon. If our family keeps this pace up, we might be able to have our own fruit and vegetable stand 🙂

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