Using Pallets as Home Decor? Whaaa?

I have been wanting to talk about this for soooooo long. I just kept putting it off. But now it’s time to talk Pallets. Yes, those nasty wooden things that are used to haul heavy shipments around in trucks. But somehow they are magically able to be transformed into gorgeous pieces to make your home feel cool, rustic and interesting. After looking at some of these, I’m ready to scour my city so I can use pallets as home decor around my place. Check out these ideas and my thoughts on them.

Pallet Wall Art from Love of Family and Home

I love this idea and its really so versatile.  You can do what they’ve done here and put words or you could paint something. I love the idea of painting it and then spray painting stencils of … really anything!

Garden Pallet from Our Little Acre with a full photo tutorial!

Bonnie has been all over these Garden pallet ideas right now. She and her family just moved and she really wants to great an herb garden on her new back patio using a pallet. I think I just might copy her especially since I live in an apartment where it’s hard to plant, but I do have a small patio that would hold it perfect. However, I also love the idea of mixing my herbs and my gardening supplies on one pallet {since they currently hide under the outdoor stairs of our complex. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone.}

Hanging Patio Pallet Bar from Today’s Nest

This one might be a little more complicated to create, however it seems like a great idea. Now, I’m not a drinker but I’d love to make something like this as a coffee bar. I’m obsessed with coffee…. Drinking my home made iced coffee now…. yumm….

Pallet Coffee Table from Mango Tomato with tutorial!

I’ve seen this idea all over the internet but I just loved the stain and gloss on this one. Plus, I’m happy to share a tutorial for it.

Pallet Coat Rack from Decor Racks

Now this is a beautiful thing. Such any easy and cheap coat/hat rack. Plus, it’s just half a pallet painted. So simple.

Pallet Walkway from Funky Junk Interiors with tutorial!

Oh My Goodness Gracious! This is a fabulous idea And the tutorial helps so wonderfully.  I might pass this along to Bonnie too 🙂 You can use the pieces of a pallet or just some 2×4’s

Pallet Bookshelves from Sas Interiors with tutorial!

I have wanted to do this for a long time.  Either putting books or picture frames/decor pieces in them. What do you think?

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