My Less Cluttered Home: Command Center

One of the things my reorganized home needed was a fresh Command Center. Now as my usual, this isn’t a completed job {I’ll share that at a later date} but it’s a huge improvement and well on it’s way.

The first thing I wanted to do was fix up the board I have in our kitchen. It’s not really being used properly as you can see below. Uhhhh …. it’s filled with junk! Including an old prom picture of mine with my old friend Dax that I’d pulled out over a year ago. I have phone numbers scribbled on the chalkboard that I don’t recognize and at least 10 business cards we don’t need to keep. So after clearing out all the junk on here and tossing what we don’t need, I ended up with a clean slate.

Then I looked at the fabric and realized it didn’t go with my green, yellow, red and blue color scheme in the kitchen. So, if I wanted to keep it, it had to be recovered. Though I don’t have a play-by-play for you, I pulled the paper backing off, unplugged the buttons, covered it with my new fabric {attaching with hot blue}, pushed the buttons back in {this was really hard} and put it all back together.

Now it’s fresh and bright and fits my kitchen!

Next was to get some hanging files or compartments to hold the mail, pens and even some writing pads. But, I really try hard to make this kind of stuff myself {if I can} so that it’s FREE.  I had brought some small boxes home from work and after cutting, bending and hot gluing, I had some perfect compartments that only needed to be painted or covered.  I had some simple wrapping paper and spray glue so I just decided to cover them.

Ta Da!

I wanted the small one for the pens to be a different color and I didn’t have any paper, so I just used fabric.  I’m not crazy about how it turned out but it’s still cute anyway! Then I just push-pinned them into the wall {not sure if it will hold for a long period of time but it’s held so far.}

And there you have it! Another Free DIY from stuff in my own home. I know you can do this too if you just think outside the box. What other creative DIY’s have you done that didn’t cost you anything? I’d love to hear about it. It inspires me!

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