My Less Cluttered Home: Jewelry Frame

Hello again, my Organizing Pals!!!

Last week when I shared with you some of the progress I was making on my hall closet, I showed you a sneak peak of what I was going to be working on over the next week on top of my organization and decluttering. I’m sure after you saw that empty frame you just got ants in your pants waiting to see what I was going to do with it, right? Yeah not so much. But maybe you should have been…. 🙂

I have a whole crap load of jewelry. {See below for the official load}

Some of it’s just cheapy stuff I got from when I worked in a local womens clothing store with a fabulous discount. However, some of these pieces are dear to me and/or are expensive necklaces that I couldn’t ever part with. So, I went through all of this and got rid of a small plastic bag amount. The rest needed a fun and pretty home. I knew just what to do and always wanted to try it.

So, I started with a pretty frame Moviestar and I used in our wedding. I had thought about attaching chicken wire to it, stringing fishing wire across it or putting a strong back on it with pretty hooks or knobs but in the end guys, I just can’t spend any money. I’m really trying these days to do as much as I can with what I have in my home. Spending a whopping $0. So what I did was take that ol’ frame and this section of a window cover which I figured would work and look pretty in our room.

Now, it didn’t quite fit as you can see, so I had to trim it up.

After measuring it out, I realized I needed to cut about 1/4 in. off each long end {the other ends were almost too short so I didn’t need to touch them}.

Once trimmed I wanted to attach the plastic window cover but didn’t want to ruin the frame with super glue, nails etc. so I hot glued. Only time will tell if it actually holds up but so far I haven’t had one problem! I did however only glue the top part an leave the bottom loose so that I could move it if the jewelry was giving me issues. A little flexibility never hurt no one!

Here is the finished product hanging on the wall of our bedroom, just above the dresser. I’m not quite ready to reveal our dresser top yet {seeing as how we are doing some work on this small bedroom of ours..} So this is just the frame. Sure you’re cool with that.

And ta-da! The finished product. Doesn’t it look purdy? I’m pretty pleased with how it worked out because now I can actually see the jewelry I have instead of scouring the endless boxes of tangled mess after mess. Now, I do still have a box or two that I’m keeping my good pearls and rings but this is really helping me see what I’ve got. Plus, it’s so pretty in my room!!!

Now how can you make your own? What ideas can you share on how to do something similar with what you have? Think outside the box and search your home for a way to do this for free yourself!

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