Lily’s Pleated Headband

Right before Easter, it was my little niece Lily’s 2nd Birthday and I just had to make something for her. Yes, I love shopping as much as the next girl but I also love to create, if you didn’t know by now.

So, I got to searching. She’s such a precious girly-girl with smiles for days and I wanted to find something that would suit her now, but be able to be used as she got a little older. Plus, I wanted something slightly unique.  Since my sister loves to get her all dolled up {“Always something in the hair” she says}, I thought of a headband. Now as I was “pinning” I came across this website and loved the pleated headband tutorial and colorful options. It got my creative juices flowing!!! Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional shows you {and me!} just how to do this. Thanks Jess!

So here’s mine:

Using an old and unique button like this bunny, helped give the headband the extra “umph” I was looking for. Plus, it’s slitghly big on her now {would you believe no one had those thin elastic headbands in Jess’s tutorial? I’d think I could find them anywhere!} but it stays on and she can grow into it too. Heck it fit me and my sis.

And little miss Lily loved playing around in the backyard lookin’ spiffy on this Good Saturday afternoon.

Get the full tutorial at

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