My Less Cluttered Home: Week “5”

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been working pretty diligently on just cutting the clutter instead of re-organizing. If the clutter is gone, it will be easier for me to do my organizing overhaul. But sometimes I can’t help but do a little bit of organization after the decluttering.  This past week, I focused on my hall cabinets.


What a mess!

The issue here is that nothing had “it’s place”.  Because of that, I never knew where to put anything so it ended up wherever there was room. That meant I could never find anything. Also, as you can see all the way up top, I had all my extra linens and blankets shoved into bins and on shelves. It was taking up way too much space and looked awful.  Soooo…. I bought some vacuum seal bags and went to town!  I couldn’t believe how much these things really do save you space. Plus, now each bag houses specific items so it’s also organized. And I can slide them under the bed instead of taking up precious room in this hall cabinet. Yipee!!

{Now, of course, remember that this is not my finished product. I’m just showing you my progress.}

You have noooo idea how much crap I threw out! Half my medicine was expired – by more than 2 years! I still had stuff in there from 2009. That’s bad. Both because I shouldn’t be using it and because I probably hadn’t used it since then.

Keeping in mind this isn’t done, my top two shelves up there still need some work. One has electronics and cables, while the other holds hair styling tools.  Gotta find what to do with these ……

I hope you are taking notice of a few little things I added up there.  The mason jars filled with things I usually need often but have no room for in my bathroom are organized and easily visible {so Moviestar can find them without having to ask me “so where did you put those Q-tips!”}. And I placed them within reach and in front of a bin I don’t reach into often so I won;t have to move the jars more than when I need a new lotion for the bathroom sink.  Also, The sliding shelves {which are actually for your pantry spices} I wanted to use for medicine. I was keeping them in 2 bins just thrown in – this wasn’t working. This idea in theory is excellent! But because it’s made for small spice jars, it wasn’t fitting a lot of my larger medicine bottles.  So, I put a few things I reach for regularly and put the “cold remedy” items back in the bin. Maybe I’ll find a better solution after thinking about it.  Any ideas?

Want a sneak peak of what my next project will be?

What do think I’m doing with this empty frame? Hmmmm????  Hint: Check out My Small Bedroom Makeover Inspiration.

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