My Less Cluttered Home: Small Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Let’s take a break from monotonousness of the decluttering process, shall we?

Yes, Let’s.

I’ve been sorting through all my junk this past week. Trying to follow Stephanie’s plan {a pretty good way right?} and since it’s icky and boring to show you the progress I’m making in that regard, I thought I’d show you what I take a break with: Home Decor Inspiration!

As a reminder, there isn’t a lot of room in this old place of ours {a whopping 700 sq. ft!} so you’d think that I couldn;t do much with it. But all that small space means is that I need a lot of inspirational ideas.  My bedroom has been giving me a lot of trouble for the past 6 1/2 years so I’m tackling that room first.

My biggest problems in this room:

  • Moviestar likes to throw his “home clothes” or “today’s out clothes” in a pile on the floor or on top of the dresser. Cluttered and disgusting. We must have an organized solution.
  • The room is small and it currently looks small. I need ways to make it appear larger.
  • Our bed has a good amount of pillows on it and every night {or during the day if we are lazy} the pillows are all over the small amount of bare floor available.
  • I have a lot of jewelry and nowhere to put all my jewelry boxes. Help!

If you are in the same boat as me {welcome aboard, by the way!} the best thing to do is know those problem areas so you can find perfect solutions. That’s what I did and it was so much more helpful that searching: Small bedroom decor.  Now that I’ve identified my whoas, here are a few inspirational solutions. Hope they inspire you!!

This shelf with hooks just might be the perfect solution for my hubby’s clothes problem. Plus, I can put some boxes .  BHG

This is another option I like. Thanks Apartment Therapy!

Using a basket to corale all those pillows would be awesome. Love the look too. BHG.

If I end up realizing I don’t have room for my nightstand anymore, this would be an awesome solution. BHG

I think this is pretty self-explanatory.  Lovely. Decor-4-All

Mirrors placed around rooms can help them look larger and I have a sneaky way I think I can do this without having to spend money….. hmmmm….. yes….. {evil laugh}. BHG

Another way to make my room appear larger is with a lot of curtains and placing those curtains high, high, high! BHG

Well, that was fun! You too? Great!

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