When Easter Photos Go Wrong

We’ve highlighted the best of the worst photos for many special occasions such as Christmas, weddings and engagements, but we’ve neglected Easter! So, I have compiled some of the best bad Easter photos that I could find, which I believe prove that bad photos are as great as the good ones {and usually more memorable}. And, as you are preparing for Easter, bear in mind that this could be you in a few years. So, ask yourself if you really want to make that pose or dress up the cat that way. You may be looking back at these photos in 20 years or find out that you son or daughter put it online on Awkward Family Photos. Enjoy these gems and have a happy Easter!

We hope that you enjoyed the Easter edition of when photos go wrong. If you did, check out our other “Bad Photo” editions (onetwothreefourfivesix, seven and eight) as well as our awkward engagement photos and Worst Christmas Photos collections.

photos @ Awkward Family Photos

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