My Less Cluttered Home: Rules to Purge By

You’ve probably figured I gave up on my 8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home, but I have not! It’s just taken me a lot longer to organize my life than I thought it would.  I think Stephanie’s Plan is awesome and I’m still following it to a degree but the 8 week timeline is probably better for a home that is relatively well organized but just needs a good purge. Now, don’t get me wrong I am big on organization {I can actually be crazy OCD} but in my 700 sq. ft. apartment built in the 1930’s with no storage space, it’s really hard to stay organized. So I started this plan and it was going great in the kitchen, but as soon as I started moving into my hall cabinet/linen closet I hit a major snag.  I had to do some research to get ideas on different ways to organize and realized what I needed were bins. That lead me to DIY bin tutorials.

Okay, so I should be ready to go right? Oh, no. Of course not! What else could I be snagging on, you ask? Why none other than…

The Purging Process….

If you’ve ever tried to seriously get rid of things in your home you know how hard it can be to part with things. But unless you are a hoarder with a serious condition you should be able to part with almost anything. My biggest problem is that I don’t have a lot of stuff, just too much for the space I live in. I keep hanging onto things hoping one day Moviestar and I will be able to buy a house and I’ll need these extra things. But I can’t live that way anymore. I have to live in the life I have now.

Oh the life lessons your learn while organizing….

So, I created this list to help me purge once and for all. I realized I need rules to follow or I’ll never get it done.  Though I created this for my specific needs, feel free to use it for yourself or as inspiration for your own home purge.

Lindsey’s Rules to Purge By

  1. When I start a room I need to have 4 boxes: Donate, Sell, Move to Another Place and Throw Away. {Sometimes, when organizing I’ve realized something is not in the best place it can be. The ‘Move to Another Place’ box will be helpful}
  2. If I haven’t worn/used it in a year, get rid of it. {This includes everything from bath soap to computer accessories to giftwrap}
  3. If I have duplicates of anything {as long as I don’t use more than one} get rid of any extra.
  4. Being a crafter, if I am holding onto things I hope to recreate with but have no specific plan for it in the near {one month} future….. out it goes! {This one’s going to be a toughy…}
  5. If it doesn’t make my life pretty {a Stephanie Tip!!} get rid of it. We are after all Inspiring Pretty here….
  6. If I’m having trouble parting with things, put them in a separate box and have a trusted person help me go through them again. {They’ll be less emotionally connected and be able to show me why I don’t need to keep it}
  7. Take any Donate Boxes immediately to my car and out of the house. {If it sits there, I may end up going through it again and things will sneak back into a random terrible place in my home…. cluttering and cluttering….}
  8. Lastly, hold a yard sale within 2 weeks of a finished purge. If it sells, great. If it doesn’t, in the car and off to Salvation Army it goes. Right. After. The. Sale. Why? Refer to #7

Well that’s it folks. I’m planning on tackling my closet right this very minute so my handy, dandy rules will be just that. Come back next week to see how I did!

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