My Less Cluttered Home: Week 2

Last week, I told you all about how I was going to be giving my home a much needed de-cluttering by following Keeper of the Home’s 8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home. I showed you what I did that first week and now I want to share with you what I did this last week! I was planning on doing more but work was a bit insane so I could only do so much.

I started with my large pantry but unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture and the after pictures didn’t look so hot. Don’t hate me for not sharing but I did make some big changes by adding lots of plastic bins to house specific things. It’s making it a lot easier to keep things from getting cluttered up again. And labeling, labeling, labeling!

Next, I wanted to finish up the kitchen by focusing on my kitchen sink. Or rather what’s under it. I had a disgustingly hot mess. It literally became a a pile of any and every cleaning spray I have. Not to mention there was all sorts of car junk and gardening supplies under there. I was bad. I mean look at it!

I used a lot of the same storage containers {minus the crate and plus the drawers} but just organized a lot better. I also added a tension rod to hold many of the spray bottles. Now obviously, you can see the before and after complete {Nice huh?} But one part that took the longest and made me feel the most accomplished was this:

When I took everything out to wipe it down, I just about threw up. It was so dirty. I really wanted to just bleach the heck out of it, caulk all the open crevices and put down some shelf paper. However, Moviestar had all the caulking in his truck and is planning on doing all of that stuff to our place after his current job site is finished. So, I just decided to clean the heck out of it and run a quick fresh coat of paint everywhere {We have tons and tons of it. Moviestar comes home with at least a gallon after each job he finishes}. Doesn’t it look much purtier? I smiled from ear to ear. I still am. After it dries, I loaded it up with everything.

Now that the kitchen is all complete {I can breathe}, I moved quickly onto the bathroom. Here is our cabinet. I didn’t do much but it looks and feels cleaner, right?

It’s an old cabinet with only the one shelf but we make it work. All I did was clean it, add some pretty shelf paper and then did what I’m suppose to do: take out at least 10 things I don’t need and organize  it.

Well, thats all she wrote kids. I’m getting there, one day at a time. Soon I will have the organized home I always dreamed of.  Can’t wait!!!

* If you missed My Less Cluttered Home: Week 1 go here.

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