My Less Cluttered Home

In my home it’s officially Spring Cleaning time! And it’s all about organization.

I know February isn’t officially spring but I’m getting a jump start and hopefully inspiring you to actually do some spring cleaning this year.  Usually {probably like you} I just spend a month doing as much deep cleaning as I can and then maybe go through my closet and get rid of a few clothes and shoes, but as I said this year I am all about organizing. I’ve always been a pretty organized person {I can thank my perfectionist, neat-freak mother for that. Thanks Mom!} but Moviestar and I have been in our teeny, weeny apartment now for 6 years and I have to say that after years and years of collecting things but not having any additional space to put it we now have a bit of an organizational problem. It’s frustrating me to no end.  Basically every week, when I clean our place I end up spending hours just moving stuff around trying to find betters homes for it all and let me say that Moviestar is fed up too. Not so much for the lack of neatness {he is a man after all} but he’s tired of not being able to find anything because I move it every other week.

So, what’s the solution? We don’t really have a lot to begin with so I don’t want to toss/giveaway everything, however we do have too much for the space we live in. During the Christmas season I really started thinking about this and came across a gem:

Stephanie has created an awesome step-by-step decluttering list that made my jaw drop when I read it. If you want to learn more about this,  head over to I have read and re-read her post to try and glean as much insight as I can but really it’s all about just going through one small area of your home everyday {Monday-Friday}, pulling out 10 things you don’t need and then organizing it. Then those things you don’t need can either be thrown out, given to GoodWill, or be sold in a yard sale.

So, I started last week. I printed out her PDF Guide {which you can access on her site or click the link at the bottom of my post here}, laminated it with the new fancy laminator Bonnie gave me for Christmas, stuck it on the fridge and am checking off my tasks as I go.  Each task should really not take you any longer than 30 minutes but because I am spring cleaning as I go it’s been taking me about 1-1 1/2 hours each task. I’ve been re-lining my shelves, wiping everything down with 409 and just giving it a good scrub. So, this may or may not take me 8 weeks {or 40 days not including weekends} but in a few months I will be all Spring Fresh! I just can’t wait.

I started in the kitchen, and here’s a sneak peak into what I was up to last week:

Believe it or not, this was not my junk drawer, though all kinds of random crap ended up here. I decided to make it just a Baggie/Foil drawer with Plasticware and paper goods.  Plus Moviestar and I always need an extension cord because this kitchen was built in the 1930’s and there’s like 2 outlets. What did people do without small appliances?!

Next I tackled my Kitchen accessory drawer. What a hot mess! I had all sorts of dividers and whatnot but they were not doing any kind of job at all. So, I decided to go with small baskets that would house larger items {like my electric hand mixer} as well as the pieces that go with them.  Ever since I did this, I find it much easier to find what I need and to keep it all together. Plus, I’m sure you noticed the disgusting black junk in all of the old trays. Yeah that was from this grill cover we were keeping in there. All the black gunk that builds up from a grill that we couldn’t wash off was falling of onto all my stuff! How nasty! No more.

As you might be able to tell, I did as Stephanie suggested and pulled out a ton of stuff that I don’t need or use and it’s going in the garage sale box {cleaned first, of course:)

Then it was time to take on my only lower cabinet. This “Before” shot is not accurate.  I had forgotten to take one before I actually started and there was a lot more in these. I had another set of pans on top with all the lids just hanging out wherever and on the bottom were as many small appliances as I could fit. It was really hard to get out what you needed without first taking out what you didn’t. My biggest problem in this kitchen is using my space well, so I moved all the nice pans to the hanging rod on my open wall {got rid of all the nasty ones} to clear space for other things. I moved some stuff out of my pantry {which I’ll show you next week} and places tension rods between the floor and ceiling of the cabinet to house cutting boards, cookie sheets etc. sideways and with easier accessibility. Plus, I got something to hold all my pot/pan lids. All I have to do is pull the holder out, grab the one I need and it slides right back in.

Lastly, I tackled the only kitchen cupboards I have.  They became a haven for anything and everything.  I think my descriptions speak for themselves. I got rid of a ton of stuff in here {like the bagillion coffee mugs we have} and moved some of that wooden decorative junk out into boxes. Its all from my mom who used it in the 90’s. Some of it’s cute and has sentimental value but I really need to go through it and decide what I’m actually going to use and what would be better in someone else’s house.

Ever since we did this, Moviestar and I find that cooking is easier and we can just plain find what we need! And {ahem} please don’t mind the mismatch shelf paper…. I ran out before I got to this point so I have to go back and do that. Don’t judge 🙂

Well, that’s where I’m at for now.  I’ll keep you posted every Tuesday so please come back and check on me. If you end up taking on this challange {and it is a challenge} please let me know. I’m sure Stephanie over at would love to know too! Oh yeah, and here’s her PDF that you’ll find your essential tool during this process of decluttering your life home.

8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home PDF Guide

* To see My Less Cluttered Home: Week 2 go here!

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