Cute Photo Valentines

Happy February, everyone!  Have you picked out your valentines yet? I am one of those weird crazy particular moms who likes to make their kids’ valentines.  Yes, for the whole class.  It winds up taking much more time, costing much more money and stressing me out so much more than buying  a pack of cute little Sponge Bob cards would; but alas, my neurosis refuses to let me take the easy way out.

We made these cute photo valentines last year.  I finished up around 2 am on the morning of V-Day so I wasn’t able to share them with you then.

The how-to is pretty straight forward.  Take a picture of your kid standing with their hand out in a fist, like they are handing you a bouquet of flowers.  Just be sure that their arm is angled in way so that the goodies that you insert later won’t be covering their face {unless you are going for a peek-a-boo effect, which might be kind of cute}.

Like this…

This idea has been floating around the web for a while now, so I thought I would mix it up a bit.  I used Picnik {which is sadly gone now, but you could use PicMonkey which is essentially the same thing} to add a border and some text.

Once I had them just how I wanted, I downloaded them to Shutterfly and ordered what I needed.  {You could also just print them out if you are pressed for time or feel like burning some ink.}

The boys and I decided that white chocolate covered marshmallows wrapped in cellophane would be way better {and, of course, more complicated} than plain old Tootsie pops, so we did that.

When the pics arrived, we cut some V-day cardstock to glue them on to serve as a background.  Then we cut a slit at the top and the bottom of their hand on each photo {we cut through the cardstock as well to make the slits sturdier}.  Then we slid a marshmallow on a stick through each hand and use a little scotch tape on the back to hold the stick in place.

They ended up being a great success with the kids.  And I got a little chuckle when I went to go volunteer in my second grader’s class a few weeks later.  All the girls had his Valentine pic inside the clear plastic cover of their binders.  It was like he was a little local Justin Bieber 😉

P.S. Excuse the picture of the finished product, I guess that was as good as I could do on a few hours of sleep 😉




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