How to Find the Designer of A Wedding Dress with a Photo Online

I get many questions from a lot of readers about weddings. The main questions/requests I receive {check our our Backless Wedding Dress post, Long Sleeved Wedding Dress post and Winter Wedding Dress post} regard finding particular wedding dresses. Many brides, bridesmaids, grooms and others contact me with a photo of a wedding gown asking me to help them find the dream wedding dress. Unless you are up to date with wedding dress designers and their current fashions, I know this task can seem quite daunting. I’m happy to oblige not only those who contact us but all of our readers. So, to help every bride out there planning their wedding, I’ve decided to show you how to find the designer of a wedding dress with a photo online. Once you know the designer of the gown you are after, it should be a very simple process to find the exact style. Be aware that this also works with most other forms of clothing. I’ve taken photos of clothes from Tumblr and found the designer and stores where I could buy them. This is also how to find the original source of a photo, which comes in handy when you can’t find the source of a photo you’ve found on Pinterest or Tumblr. Also, for fellow bloggers, this is how you can see if other blogs are using your images and if they are giving you credit for their use.

There are two ways to this search: one method uses a photo URL and the other uses a photo from your computer library.

So, here we go! I’ll use a recent request I’ve received as an example.

1.) Using a Photo URL

A bridesmaid contacted me asking for help in finding the designer and style of this dress. Firstly, you need the URL of the photo. This URL is different from the URL of a post. If you aren’t familiar with photo URLs, it looks like this:

Once you have this URL, go to and input the the photo URL in the search field. Your results should look like this:

 Choose the ‘search by image’ option. Your results should look like this:

 As you can see, Google has guessed that the image is a Claire Pettibone wedding dress in the style Cloisonne. And, the top search result is the Claire Pettibone website itself which will affirm that this is indeed the correct wedding dress.

2.) Using a Photo from Your Computer’s Library

Some sites don’t allow you to right-click their photos. Right-clicking is what gives you options such as ‘save image’, ‘copy image’, etc. Most sites that do this do so because they don’t want people to use their photos. So, when this happens there is still an option that allows you to save their image. I only tell you this so you may use it for the purpose we’re discussing in this post and not for the purpose of stealing photos from websites that wish to keep theirs to themselves. You can also use this method when you have a photo saved your computer and have not found it online or do not remember where you found it online.

First, screenshot of the photo for a google image search. Don’t worry about having the complete screenshot. It is okay if the edges are cut off a bit. How to take a screenshot varies between computers, so you will first need to learn how to do so on your machine. Once you know, take a screenshot of the photo and save it to your computer. Then, go to google images where you will notice a little camera in the right corner of the search bar that looks like this:

Click on the camera icon and choose the option that says ‘upload an image’.

Next, you can either click the ‘choose file’ button and upload the photo file. Of, you can drag the photo from your desktop to the section on the right which says ‘try dragging an image here’. Each way works the same way. Also, it does not matter what you have named the file. Google image search works by the photo alone. It has nothing to do with text. I’ve left mine titled ‘screenshot’ to show that the title does not matter. Once uploaded, you should get a wait screen like this:

Your search results should look like this:

As you can see, we’ve gotten the same search results as we did using first method and the Claire Pettibone site is the first search result which lead to the Cloisonne gown.

And there you have it! This is how easy it is to find the designer of a dress which you only have a photo. It’s a very simple concept of which most people simply aren’t aware. Google matches the photo you input in the search field with other pages on which it has also been posted. One of these pages is bound to have specific information regarding what is shown in the photo. Usually relevant pages with the most information are in the top search results {as seen with this dress}. So, whether it be a sweater, a pair of shoes, a couch, {or in most cases that I see} a wedding dress, or nearly anything else, you can now find it simply with a photo and a little bit of search engine knowledge. And, if you’ve found a low resolution photo you’d like to use on your blog, but would like something bigger, you can use this search method to find the original source and photo size. Also, as mentioned above, you can also check if other bloggers have used your photo with correction attribution. Have fun with this and I hope it is now a little bit easier for you to find what you are seeking!

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